Movie Pictionary!

A few of my friends and I have a new hobby, playing Movie Pictionary through Google Hangouts. As if Pictionary wasn’t fun enough, having it movie-themed makes it a lot more fun. Plus the added difficulty of drawing on a small area with your computer mouse, or touch pad, results in some really bad doodles. But that just makes the guessing even better! So I figure that I should let you into some of our drawings and the comments we made while guessing. For anyone who wants to play along, I’ll leave all the answers at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

Chris: ******** was a total guess because I see a box. That’s about it.
Rob: It’s a bit tricky without quoting, “What’s in the box?!”
Mike: That could’ve totally been a man with a hat on a computer.

Rob: You look like a man-o-lantern.

Rob: Are those Stretch Armstrong arms? lol
Chris: I can’t see the little icon for the smallest drawing dot, which makes stuff like that look worse than it has to!

Mike: The drums, Stonehenge, singing movie.
Rob: Yup, that’s exactly correct. So do you know it?
Mike: I have no idea.

Answers: Se7en, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Christmas Vacation, This is Spinal Tap


One Response to Movie Pictionary!

  1. haha I love this! I used to play film pictionary during the whole “draw something” craze, a few years back. I love your drawings! I also have restarted my bad drawings of film pictionary :) I love these 3 blog posts about movie pictionary. Please make more! The comments are hilarious!

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