The Ultimate ’90s Kids Movies Bracket (Part Five)


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It’s been a long road, but finally we’ve reached the conclusion of the tournament. We only have four films left in the FINAL FOUR.


Which movie will move onto the championship to hold the title as the Best Kids Movie from the 1990s? Let’s find out right now!

In this round, we all decided to secretly vote for the film we like better and then reveal at the same time, then start the discussion.

#1 Toy Story vs. #4 Aladdin

toy-story-poster          aladdin-poster

Chris: This is just more of a personal pick because they’re both iconic and they’re both right in the childhood wheel-house. It’s just which one meant more to you as a kid.
(Voting reveals: Toy Story – 3, Aladdin – 1)
Rob: So Mike, why’d you pick Aladdin?
Mike: It’s just one of the movies that I loved all the characters from. I just find them ever so slightly more enjoyable than the characters in Toy Story.
Rob: I went with Toy Story because I watched that movie more recently and more times overall than Aladdin, simply because it’s better.
Chris: In Toy Story, I felt that every scene was entertaining, and every character was funny and enjoyable. But with Aladdin, if it was just Jafar and the Sultan, it’s not the same. Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie, but it’s really Genie-heavy and his scenes make the movie.

Winner: Toy Story

#2 Toy Story 2 vs. #3 The Lion King

toy-story-2          lion-king-poster

(Voting reveals: The Lion King – 3, Toy Story 2 – 1)
Mike: And Toy Story 2 is eliminated! The biggest upset of the bracket.
Rob: Well, not really. It was a #2 versus a #3.
Rob: Dan, you voted for Toy Story 2.
Dan: Yeah, this was was my personal #1 seed. The introduction with the new characters was great and I think it was actually funnier than the first. There’s just so much to love about that movie.
Rob: It is rare to see a sequel either as good or better than the original, and that’s what Toy Story 2 offered.
Chris: I think it hurts Toy Story 2 a little here because it was a sequel. Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I wasn’t a big fan of the new characters.
Dan: Are you kidding me?!
Chris: To me, The Lion King is just a better overall movie. Maybe it’s not as funny, but to me it’s better.
Mike: The Lion King is such an emotional ride…
Chris: Plus with the whole overlapping moral of the circle of life.
Mike: It’s a really epic cartoon.
Chris: It really is!

Winner: The Lion King

And that leaves us with the championship match-up! Which movie will be crowned as the Best Kids Movie from the 1990s?

#1 Toy Story vs. #3 The Lion King

toy-story-poster         lion-king-poster

Rob: Can we put both and have co-winners?
(Voting: Toy Story – 3, The Lion King – 1)
Rob: Go ahead Mike.
Mike: Growing up, The Lion King was the movie that I had playing constantly, and as much as I love Toy Story, if they were both on TV right now I would pick The Lion King. It just has a sentimental place in my heart.
Rob: You’re a musical guy too, so that probably played a part.
Mike: I did really enjoy the music.
Rob: That is something that The Lion King definitely has over Toy Story.
Chris: But even on top of that… let’s say that the execution of Toy Story wasn’t that good, the IDEA of it is amazing. Just the idea of toys coming to life. That’s what I think drove Small Soldiers too, thinking that our action figures would come to life. So it just took that to a whole nother level with the humor and the superstar voices. It puts it over the top.
Rob: Do you think Toy Story would’ve been as successful if Tom Hanks and Tim Allen didn’t do the voices? This was Pixar’s first film and at the moment the film was released, Tom Hanks was arguably the biggest actor in the world with Forrest Gump and Philadelphia. Plus, that was Tim Allen’s prime as well. Would Toy Story have been that big of a success?
Mike: I think it would have.
Dan: It might not have been a slam dunk, but it would’ve still been successful.
Chris: They [Hanks and Allen] made those characters. Because everyone had a Mr. Potato Head and a slinky and army men, but those actors made Woody and Buzz.
Rob: Man… but The Lion King is so good too!
Mike: The way you watch Simba grow throughout the whole movie gives it that epic feeling.
Chris: You have little kids watching a life story, with lessons like “one day you’re dad is going to die and you’ll have to replace him.” Is there anything bigger story-wise than that?
Mike: Yeah, and there are so many other lessons like there is danger in the world.
Rob: And even family members, like Scar, could be evil!
Mike: Just how you can watch the film now and take away something from it that you might’ve missed watching as a kid. That makes it a quality film.
Rob: Definitely, and that was the same thing with Toy Story.

Winner: Toy Story

Well that’s it, folks! Our pick for the Best Kids Movie from the 1990s is Toy Story! Do you agree with us? Whether you do or don’t, it’s been a fun ride. We’ll make sure to do another bracket in the near future. Thanks for reading.

Do view the full bracket, click here.


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