About Me

Hey, my name is Rob and this is my blog where I’m going to post my own personal views about what’s going on in the entertainment industry.  This includes the big three:  movies, television, and music… along with occasional posts on books and articles, the Internet, Broadway, sometimes sports, and anything else.  But as you can see, movies are my main interest.

I try my best to be unbiased and address both sides of the spectrum, but at the same time this is a blog and what’s so entertaining about blogs is the author’s opinion, imo.

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Anyway, if you happened to stumble upon my blog somehow, enjoy.

9 Responses to About Me

  1. dtrain says:

    rob, you are a girl
    good job with this site, lots of information and good stuff. i wouldve read it much earlier if i knew you had some good insight. lol im just kiddin i know you have some good insight on entertainment. ok im done

    btw you are a girl

  2. heatherc says:

    I love your blog! I love even more than my introduction to it is a post on the kick-assness that is Veronica Mars and Kristen Bel! And I love even further how wonderfully your writing style is developing.

    Great layout, too. =)

  3. Danielle says:

    You mention you like the Blood Brothers. Do you like Jaguar Love, too? Georgia Take Me To The Sea is phenoms!!

  4. kenneth says:

    I will like to try to sing for yall

  5. vancinema says:

    Dan Zukovic’s “THE LAST BIG THING”, called the “best unknown American film of the 1990’s” in the film book “Defining Moments in Movies” (Editor: Chris Fujiwara), was finally released on DVD by Vanguard Cinema. (www.vanguardcinema.com/thelastbigthing/thelastbigthing) Featuring an important early role by 2011 Best Supporting Actor Oscar Nominee Mark Ruffalo (“Shutter Island”, “Zodiac”, “The Kids Are Alright”), “THE LAST BIG THING” had a US theatrical release in 1998, and gained a cult following over several years of screenings on the Showtime Networks.

    “A distinctly brilliant and original work.” Kevin Thomas – Los Angeles Times
    “A satire whose best moments echo the tone of a Nathanial West novel…Nasty Fun!”
    Stephen Holden – New York Times
    “One of the cleverest recent satires on contemporary Los Angeles…a very funny sleeper!” Michael Wilmington – Chicago Tribune
    “One of the few truly original low budget comedies of recent years.” John Hartl – Seattle Times
    “‘The Last Big Thing’ is freakin’ hilarious! The most important and overlooked
    indie film of the 1990’s. ” Chris Gore – Film Threat

  6. phyland2013 says:

    Hello Rob,

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  7. Hi Rob,
    Looks like you have a great blog and I look forward to reading it.
    Thanks for following me.

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