Movie Pictionary #2

A few of my friends and I have a new hobby, playing Movie Pictionary through Google Hangouts. As if Pictionary wasn’t fun enough, having it movie-themed makes it a lot more fun. Plus the added difficulty of drawing on a small area with your computer mouse, or touch pad, results in some really bad doodles. But that just makes the guessing even better! So I figure that I should let you into some of our drawings and the comments we made while guessing. For anyone who wants to play along, I’ll leave all the answers at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!


Mike: Con Air?
Chris: Solid guess. I’m glad you can tell it’s a plane lol
Mike: Liar Liar
Chris: Stop just naming movies with planes!
Rob: Did the plane drop something that’s exploding? Or is it dragging someone who combusted?
Chris: No no, the plane is exploding in the picture!
Mike: Snakes on a Plane?
Chris: I hate you.
Rob: Is the plane leaking fuel?

Then Chris edits his drawing:


Chris: Edited!
Mike: Whoa! It’s a giant!
Chris: Perspective!
Rob: Who’s he talking to?
Chris: No one in particular.
Mike: I love this picture.
Rob: Is he trying to blow up the plane?
Chris: I don’t know how all of these questions haven’t triggered answer yet! It’s like you know the answer and it’s prompting these questions.
Mike: I am clueless.
Chris: Either that or I am COMPLETELY misremembering the scene… which is likely.
Rob: What movie does a plane blow up in?
Mike: Every movie ever.
Rob: Are we even sure that’s a plane? I’m having doubts.
Chris: Here’s another hint, the movie isn’t focused around planes. But yes, that IS a plane.
Mike: Fast and Furious 5 or 6.
Rob: I need another drawn clue.
Mike: The Avengers.
Chris: It’s literally the only scene I know from the movie lol.
Mike: Final Destination?
Rob: Is it accurate to say that the line is sparked and attached to the plane, and will soon explode.
Chris: Accurate! I swear, how are you asking these questions without knowing?! I feel like you’re messing with me!
Mike: Wait! I think I got it.

Answer: Die Hard 2.


5 Responses to Movie Pictionary #2

  1. This is so funny! The comments are so hilarious! I especially loved when Mike wrote: I love this picture. lol I love that he loves this picture haha. And when you said, “stop just naming films with planes in them” haha And when your friend says, woah it’s a giant! I’ve read this blog post several times :) It always makes me laugh. I love this blog post. It’s currently one of my favourite things haha.

  2. This is still my most favourite blog post ever!!! I’m very bad at drawing but film pictionary is super fun. The comments you and your friends wrote are HILARIOUS!

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