Box Office Results: America loves Funny People

Studio Estimates for July 31 – August 2:

1.  Funny People – $23.4 million
2.  Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – $17.7 million
3.  G-Force – $17.1 million
4.  The Ugly Truth – $13 million
5.  Aliens in the Attic – $7.8 million

11.  The Collector – $3.6 million

Funny People topped the box office chart this weekend.  This is the third straight Judd Apatow successful comedy.  The master of the comedy genre seems to be facing mixed reviews, but that didn’t prevent it from grossing more than The 40 Year Old Virgin did on its opening weekend.  Meanwhile, Harry Potter continues to take in the big bucks as its total gross passed $255 million.  G-Force dropped 42% from its opening weekend to place third with a little over $17 million.  And to round out the Top 5 was The Ugly Truth and Aliens in the Attic.

As for our predictions, none of us had all five films in the right order, though Phil and I predicted the films correctly.  Sheehan thought The Collector was going to crack into the Top 5 but instead it landed on the 11 spot with $3.6 million

Check back on Friday when our new predictions will be posted.  The new films coming out include: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Julie & Julia, and A Perfect Getaway.

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