Happy Endings – “Fowl Play/Date”

Season Three, Episode Eight


Grade: B+

What a pleasant surprise it was when I found out there was a new Happy Endings episode on Sunday night! So what were the whacky friends up to? Well, Alex’s racist parrot played a big part, while Jane and Dave tries to hook Max up with guys that, well, are familiar.

But back to the racist parrot, Tyler. Alex is off to a Rom-Com Con, so Brad and Penny takes this time to glue back together a plate that they broke. While they were mending the Alex’s broken plate, Tyler drops dead. They think the glue’s fumes did it, so what’s the normal thing to do here? Stage a parrot-suicide, of course! While they even doubted that they could get away with it, Alex comes back completely upset that Tyler committed suicide. Just when Brad and Penny were celebrating (while eating buffalo wings), Alex reminds them she’s waiting for the bird autopsy report.

Meanwhile, Jane and Dave realize that Max is in a slump and decide to help set him up with a guy of their choosing. But after Max gives each of their guys a shot, he tell them that the guys they picked were exactly like them. When you finally get to see them in a hilarious scene at the bar, the jokes just flow at full stream.

Back to Tyler once more, the guilt is eating away at Brad during Tyler’s funeral. Penny and Brad blurt out what they did and Alex is furious at them until she reads the autopsy report saying Tyler died because of too much alcohol consumption, where we soon learn was because of Alex from the picture slideshow she had on her television.

It’s great to have Happy Endings back into my life, although I’m not sure how I’m taking the news of having it twice a week. I hope that doesn’t somehow ruin the show, but there’s no doubt two episodes of Happy Endings should be better than one episode of Happy Endings. There’s never a max for the amount of silliness intake for a week, in my opinion.


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