Girls – “I Get Ideas”

Season Two, Episode Two


Grade: B-

It’s hard to like the main characters in Girls. I mean, it’s really freaking hard to like them because they each live in their own little world where they’re the center of all the attention that exists. Hannah is guilty of this more than any of the characters on the show and, as a 20-something-year-old, isn’t close to realizing it. But to be honest, everyone has had that friend (or unfortunately, a group of friends) who act the same way as Hannah. You know, those friends who hate to be criticized, who won’t admit when they’re upset, and who thinks the world revolves around them. Yeah, I bet you can think of at least one specific person who is just like that.

So while Hannah shrugged off Elijah’s attack on Sandy just because he’s a Republican, she takes it personally when Sandy hasn’t read her essay yet. Jessa tells her that Thomas-John always views her paintings immediately, but I guess Hannah doesn’t take it into consideration that glancing at a painting takes approximately four seconds. But the fight that Hannah and Sandy has feels real, and that’s something Girls does all too well.

So while Hannah is busy breaking up with Sandy, Marnie is still trying to get a job, but after being shot down from an art gallery, she feels like she has hit rock bottom from rejection. That is until Shoshanna hooks her up as a club hostess, and of course Hannah turns Marnie’s small fortune around and makes it about her. When Hannah aggressively asks Marnie if she doesn’t think she’s pretty enough to get her job, I laughed out loud. The obvious answer is “no” but Marnie is a better friend than Hannah and tip-toes around the fact to spare her feelings (while Hannah eats spoonfuls of Cool Whip… sexy!).

In the other small story-lines, Shoshanna and Jessa are happy, which is just a bit weird. Though, you can foresee both of their happiness ending soon. But no lie, Shoshanna and Ray mingling in bed was the sweetest minute in the history of Girls, even if they were talking about painting pigs (or something like that). Lastly, when the police arrives at Hannah’s apartment because Adam surprises her, he’s confused with anger and disappointment. Hannah really doesn’t trust Adam (does anyone?), but to be fair they’re both far too messed up to be with anyone but each other.

To conclude this post, I’ll just say that I cannot wait until Hannah finds out about Elijah and Marnie.


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