The Mindy Project – “Pretty Man”

Season One, Episode Twenty


Grade: D

UPDATE: I just realized that this episode was supposed to air before “My Cool Christian Boyfriend,” which makes sense why Casey wasn’t mentioned throughout this episode.

Right after Mindy sort of splits with that handsome minister, she has an encounter with an attractive guy at a night club that she decided to go to on her own. She takes him back to her apartment where the gauntlet is dropped. He’s a male prostitute. She falls off of her bed in shock and then kicks him out of her apartment. Poor Mindy, still striking out in ridiculous circumstances. Poor series, still without an identity.

We get thrown back into the whole Mindy/Danny story-line, though they are light years away from ever becoming anything more than friends/co-workers. Danny is having a good time with Mindy’s friend Alex (may I add Mindy has very attractive friends, aside from that crazy bitch in the wheelchair), but their secret dinner party gets leaked out. In typical dramatic-Mindy-fashion, she puts Danny on the spot at work and invites the whole gang to his apartment for a big dinner party, because how else are we going to get Morgan over to Danny’s apartment?

Meanwhile, Mindy wants to “Pretty Woman” up Adam the gigolo and buys him a nice suit. When he reveals to her that he’s an aspiring singer/songwriter, she bats her eyes at him like he’s a celebrity. which of course leads her to invite him to the dinner party. What unfolds at the dinner party isn’t surprising, or even that funny. It just seems like it’s passing the time until we can get to the only important aspect of the entire episode: Danny and Alex break up. Wait, you didn’t see that coming? You mean their devoted love that lasted for 1.5 episodes didn’t spark Danny/Alex being tweeted as TV’s greatest couple?! Shocker!

What did happen was that Mindy revealed to Alex that Danny has an ex-wife. Sure, that’s something that you probably should mention to someone you’re dating, but it’s not necessary to mention in the beginning of a relationship. So excuse me if I don’t entirely buy Alex blowing up at the revelation and that being the reason why her and Danny break up. It just doesn’t seem valid enough, though I guess anything is possible in a TV relationship that barely lasted 30 minutes on screen.

It was great to see Danny getting upset at Mindy, because after all she did ruin his relationship. I used the comparison before and I’ll use it again, Mindy reminds me of Hannah and her selfish ways. The entire universe revolves around Mindy and if she’s not in the center, then she’ll force her way to the center, just like how she squealed her way between Danny and Alex. She cannot stand being the outsider in any situation, and in a way does really cruel things that jeopardizes her friendships in order to feel important. Somewhere in TV-land, Mindy and Hannah live in the same New York and they would be friends (though Hannah would be threatened by Mindy’s success as a doctor and therefore would murder her).

There were a few funny moments, but my gripes with The Mindy Project are the same as it has been. The show isn’t progressing towards anything, it’s just staying in its little world of Mindy and how she juggles guys unsuccessfully. It’s a collection of love ballads told as a sitcom, one after another without any real story arcs. It’s clear to say that this show is struggling.


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