Movie Review: Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2
115 minutes
Rated PG-13
Directed by Elizabeth Banks
Starring: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Hailee Steinfeld


Grade: C-

The aca-bitches are back, but that doesn’t mean the sequel isn’t better than the original (and we all know how much I loved the first film). I know this is a ridiculous question, but did we really need a second Pitch Perfect movie? No, we didn’t, but that’s the case for more than half the sequels that exist. It’s just a shame when these films are made for financial reasons, leaving behind any kind of creative standard.

So where do I start? Since Pitch Perfect 2 is almost a mirror image of the original, let’s break it down. How are we supposed to get the three-time national a cappella champions off their pedastal and down to underdogs again? By opening the film with a failed performance that involved Fat Amy flashing the President of the United States. The consequences are rough and blown out of proportion, they’re suspended all the way up until the international a cappella championships, where they have no chance at all since the world hates America. You can already see how this film is going to end.

Most of the cast are from the original, including Beca and Fat Amy who are seniors now. Oh, and Chloe is still around because she wanted to fail classes just to continue her Barden Bellas run. But with all of these girls returning, we need a newcomer to keep everything fresh like the original. Enter Emily Junk (Steinfeld), a freshman legacy Bella who, like Beca, is a little different than the others. She’s an aspiring songwriter (hold your gasps, we’re just getting started).

Now what’s next? Oh, the Bellas need an enemy just like the Treblemakers. A group who is so damn good and intimidating that they second guess their every move and makes their chances seem slim-to-none. Enter the German team Das Sound Machine. They’re intense, scary, but achieve perfection at the a cappella game. They’re basically robots that can sing.

So what are the Bellas to do? They try and reinvent their sound, but fail miserably. They lose another riff-off because Emily decided to throw in an original song she wrote into the mix, which is a big no-no in a cappella competitions. Seriously, no one has ever done that before, so it would be entirely groundbreaking if somehow her original song played a huge part in this movie, like how Beca taught the girls the art of mash-ups. Just saying…

Despite how poor the plot is, how shaky the acting is, how silly and ridiculous moments are, and how predictable every scene ends up being Pitch Perfect 2 is exactly the way it’s meant to be. It’s guilty pleasure fun for all ages. It’s the movie your girlfriend wants to see as much as the thirteen-year-old girl down the block. It’s the movie you sort of secretly like and wouldn’t turn off if it came on TV. It’s like that weird kid in the corner of the cafeteria who is totall content eating by himself. You might not admit he’s a nice kid, but you understand he knows exactly who he is despite what you think. That’s Pitch Perfect 2. The movie is bad on plenty of levels, but it simply doesn’t care. It’s relentless in its unfunny jokes, auto-tuned covers, and undeveloped characters, but it does it with a smile. All that matters is that Pitch Perfect 2 is pretty enough to get away with its flaws. Ain’t that something to go through college with?


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