Orphan Black – “Transitory Sacrifices Of Crisis”

Season Three, Episode Two


Grade: B+

After the season three premiere picked up where we left off and explored the story of Project Castor, we slowed down the pace in “Transition Sacrifices of Crisis.” This is when Orphan Black is at its strongest; When the show is able to focus in on specific characters and singular story-lines, without letting the twisty mythology weigh down every scene. That being said, it’s crazy to think how much the show has changed since its first season. The number of characters has sky-rocketed, so we know we can’t see every character each week. This week we’re without Rachel and Delphine but we do get to see Cal and Paul.

But let’s start with Rudy and Seth, two brothers from Project Castor who deeply care for one another. Unlike Project Leda, these Castor brothers have been brought up together with military values, which is why they all have that soldier-look and feel to them. If anything they’re a little bit too close, as the poor girl would admit from the beginning scene. As we’ve spent two seasons with the Project Leda clones, we’re not given a lot of time to learn about the Project Castor clones before they’re driven right in the middle of the plot. That being said, I’m still not exactly sure what they’re after and how Paul plays into the whole thing.

What’s interesting is how everyone is looking for the same thing, which is the original genome sequence that the Duncans apparently had. Cosima and Scott talk to a Dyad doctor who tells them this, more than anyone has told them before. We also learn that Rudy and Seth are looking for the original genome sequence too because Seth is “glitching” and they’re desperate for some answers. So desperate in fact, that Rudy breaks into Felix’ loft and points a gun at Kira to force any information out of Sarah. The problem here is that she doesn’t know anything. They should be barking up Cosima instead, but I’m sure they’ll figure that out eventually. Seth glitches uncontrollably in the middle of  a fight with Cal and Rudy puts him out of his misery with two bullets in the chest.

This brings up a few thoughts about all of this. The Castor clones know that Sarah is valuable, but still are under orders from Paul. So they can’t hurt Sarah, but why did Rudy let Cal off the hook? It seemed like a real convenient way for Michiel Huisman to be killed so he can continue to do the nasty with Daenerys on Game of Thrones, but immediately after they roll out a story-line where Cal and Kira are going away from all the madness to protect the little girl. It was a nice, emotional moment for Tatiana Maslany to play and it definitely paid off. But with Kira gone, now it’s finally time to get down to business!

Meanwhile, Cosima is feeling better though no one really knows why. It’s nice how her and Scott are getting closer with Delphine out of the way, but I still don’t know if I trust that he knows about the book. As for Alison, her and Donnie always provide a good amount of comic relief for the episode. This time around, Alison needs money and decides to go into the pill-dealing business that her dealer is leaving behind for college. Yes, it feels like Weeds, but hey, I’ll watch the Hendrix deal pills all day long over Nancy Botwin.

There is still a lot for me to understand with Orphan Black, but for now it’s certainly a thrilling ride to be on. While the show will always be at least somewhat about who you can and cannot trust, this season we’re diving into what much the sisters of Project Leda and the brothers of Project Castor mean to each other. After all, they’re clones and those clones got to stick together, right? Are we headed to a clones vs. humans war?! Probably not, but then again I have no clue what’s going to happen next.



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