Girls – “Home Birth”

Season Four, Episode Ten


Grade: A

There are plenty of things that Girls does very well, but one thing that I haven’t been sold on has been the acting… but hot damn did Lena Dunham act the hell out of that scene in the hospital! Kudos! But let’s rewind a bit and recap everything that leads up to that heart-breaking moment.

It’s the season finale and everyone is on their way to different stages of their lives. After all the interviews that Shoshanna has failed, she finally gets an offer from a company and a job she truly loves. The catch? She has to move to Japan. Is this good or bad timing? She’s been sort of seeing the handsome and kind guy whose company she doesn’t respect, plus her work as campaign manager for Ray is over. It sort of makes sense for her to go to Japan, right? But if that means we’re not going to see Shoshanna on the show anymore, then I vote for her to stay! Please don’t go Shosh!

Meanwhile Marnie and Desi are happily engaged for a brief moment, until Ray confronts Desi at his coffee shop. Desi has always been a tool bag, and Marnie has always been a sucker, but Ray tears Desi a new one by calling him out on all of his bullshit. I never would’ve imagined myself going along with things that Ray says, since from the beginning he’s been ranting about such outrageous things. But here, he hits all of his points right on the head. Desi is completely using Marnie and he knows that she’s wrapped around his finger. They have a volatile relationship and Ray is smart enough to know that it’s not going to work. At the same time, he’s wrong about Marnie when he compliments how caring and smart she is. Marnie is just as bad as Desi and in a way they deserve each other, but Ray is just over-the-top in love with Marnie that he can’t see through his own blindness.

His message is heard and Desi disappears that night, when him and Marnie have a super important gig. While Marnie is crushed, Ray is there to pick her pieces back up (once again) and pushes her to perform by herself. She nails it, but you just know that once Desi apologizes Marnie will be wrapped up in her arms again. You hope that Ray can learn to distance himself and walk away from Marnie, but it looks like he has it way too bad.

Meanwhile, Jessa and Adam break free from their relationships after Mimi-Rose decides she wants to be free from all men. You feel the worst for Adam because he seemed like he particularly liked Mimi-Rose, but she just wasn’t right for him. The confusion sets in with Adam because when he left Hannah for Mimi-Rose, he was in such a different relationship. It was more stable and arguably healthier than anything he ever had with Hannah, but with Hannah he’ll always be able to be himself. It’s very common for someone to go back to their ex when things don’t go right, and that’s exactly what Adam does, which brings us to that crucial scene towards the end of the episode.

In the hospital, Caroline finally has her baby delivered and Adam, Jessa, and Hannah are there to celebrate with her. Adam and Hannah share a moment alone with the baby and that’s when he informs her that his relationship with Mimi-Rose is over. Hannah gives her condolences, but doesn’t seem to expect how Adam begs her to take him back. A lot of this season has dealt with Hannah trying to keep moving forward with her life, even when everything doesn’t work out the way she wishes. She attended the writing workshop, which was a big step for her writing career, but that didn’t work out. Her relationship with Adam also didn’t last since he left her for Mimi-Rose. Then she decides she wants to teach and starts subbing at a high school, but over-steps her boundaries with a student and is told to take some time off. On top of that, her dad came out of the closet. Yes, it’s been quite a difficult period of time for Hannah, which is why her response is that much more powerful when she tells Adam, “I can’t.” Her eyes are overwhelmed with tears, but Hannah is at a point in her life where she’s moving on. It might not be as quickly as the world is turning, but she’s doing the best she can, and that involves distance from Adam.

It’s a brave decision for Hannah but as we see in the six-month flash-forward it pays off. She’s seen walking in the snow with fellow teacher, Fran, and even kissing him. She looks happy and the relationship looks healthy. It’s something I wouldn’t expect Girls to do, but I guess after everything that Hannah has been through this season, it’s nice to know that she does find happiness eventually. But this isn’t a series finale, although it certainly feels like it. Will Girls pick up six months later next season? Is that just a teaser that Hannah and Fran end up dating, but we’re still going to take the ride leading up to it? Or maybe in six months, Shoshanna can be re-located back to the city so the gang is back together! Maybe Marnie will have a record deal without Desi, Ray will be making moves up the political ladder, and possibly Jessa and Adam become besties. Hey, it can happen.


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