The Walking Dead – “Try”

Season Five, Episode Fifteen


Grade: B

Even though Alexandria has been the most civilized and respectable community Rick and company have come across, this is still The Walking Dead, so of course there are going to be huge problems! Because if Alexandria was the promise land that everyone believed it was, then that’s the end of the show, right? Don’t get me wrong, Alexandria is practically heaven compared to everything Rick and company have gone through. The residents aren’t eating other people, nor do they have a psychopath leading them straight to the ground. Deanna is still the person in charge and she is logical and smart. I want to believe that she didn’t entirely buy the crap that Nicholas was spewing out on camera about the death of Aidan. And her confrontation with Rick makes complete sense with what she’s trying to accomplish, but that makes this showdown that much more difficult to watch.

I’m still waiting for Deanna to unveil Alexandria’s secret weapon of some sort, because I find it unlikely that they would’ve survived for this long with the group they’ve been currently boasting. Are Aidan and Nicholas really the toughest guys they have to make runs? Are they really that poor at shooting that Abraham single-handedly took out more walkers than half-a-dozen Alexandria men? The walls constructed are pathetic, proven when Carl and his girl hop over it frequently without being caught. What is interesting is how the domestic abuse situation in Alexandria is being handled by Deanna. Is it right how Pete abuses Jessie? No, it’s not, but Pete’s a doctor and has saved plenty of lives in Alexandria. Though no one wants to admit it, Deanna knows that he’s more valuable than most of the residents, therefore he gets a pass.

But Rick knows that life as it was doesn’t exist anymore. There aren’t laws nor are there authority to make sure the laws are obeyed. This is still a survival of the fittest world where the weak die and the strong live on. Something that Rick and company have enforced that Alexandria doesn’t have is the family-first, everything else second mentality. The people of Alexandria are too quick to leave another resident just to save themselves. That’s not how Rick and company work and that’s what kept them so strong for all of these years. Was Rick wrong in confronting Pete? It might cost Tara’s life, but Rick desperately wants Jessie to be a part of his group. And then he goes on that crazy rant, screaming at Deanna, which didn’t do him any good. Michonne was certainly in the right when she knocks him out.

What’s scary for Rick and company is that there are now rules to follow. They’re slowly being domesticated, which some of them feel will make them weak, but at what point can you look around and admit that things are better than they were before? If Alexandria is for real, which it sure does look like it is, then yes they have stumbled upon an incredible opportunity. But even though they have good reason to be cautious, they haven’t exactly been the best dinner guests to the party. At the same time, the people of Alexandria aren’t nearly as efficient as they could be. This is why the merge between the two groups sounds like a perfect match, but now we’re coming down to the showdown. There will be casualties, but only one group will survive. It’s really hard to make a case for the Alexandrians, but we’ll see.

And now the smaller stuff. Sasha seems to be going through the worst trauma out of the entire group. Just think of it as a veteran who just came back from duty, trying to adapt to civilization. Some can make the transition, but usually it’s difficult. Carl and his girlfriend talk about the same thing, how they rather be out in the woods in the wild than behind the walls, passing time and not being productive enough. And then there are Glenn and Nicholas, who will eventually get a chance to kill one another soon (I’m assuming). Even those who have never liked Glenn can finally stand behind him, mainly because Nicholas is that pathetic. Finally, Daryl and Aaron go out recruiting but get spooked as they continued to pass by some gruesome deaths, with the “W” sketched into their foreheads. From what we’ve seen so far, this is the real person everyone should be fearing. Maybe it’ll be the reason why the two groups will actually merge.



2 Responses to The Walking Dead – “Try”

  1. morganmg78 says:

    The Jessie-Rick story bugs me. Seems too much too soon. Makes me annoyed with Rick. I really hope the W is explained.

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