Togetherness – “Party Time”

Season One, Episode Seven


Grade: A-

So Brett gets high and it’s amazing. Togetherness isn’t that show that brings out comedy easily between its characters and situations. It’s a lot more invested in its commentary about a married couple going through a valley in their relationship, along with a friendship between two very different people that looks wrong but feels right. With this being said, when Togetherness is able to actually make you laugh, it achieves something quite impressive. I’ll always have a spot for the kick-the-can episode, but “Party Time” gives us a version of Brett we’ve never seen before, and it’s great.

While it did cross my mind that Brett was making a terrible mistake to skip out on the children’s play day that Michelle was throwing, it actually did a lot of good that he visited Linda, got high, and then returned home. As the two of them continue to grow apart, they only really give each other fragments of truth. I wonder if it’s the same way during their therapy sessions, which I would love for them to show. But as Brett is standing in front of Michelle, high as hell, he’s able to say everything he wants to say without worrying about the consequences. And he does it in a way that isn’t mean or confrontational, but instead softly informs her of his feelings and hopes she understands. Does she understand? Maybe, but probably not.

Michelle has been mostly a miss for me during this first season of Togetherness. She starts out as a woman who is sexually frustrated with a husband who wants to have sex with her. She then skips out on her husband’s screening to see if she can get picked up at a bar. Then she suggests getting therapy to try and save their marriage, all while having the hots for David. Is there supposed to be a reason why we should like her? Because if there is, I’m not seeing it very clearly. Can I at least understand her? I guess, but that doesn’t make it much better.

Meanwhile, Alex and Tina are giving each other the silent treatment because they’re still mad at each other. Alex actually has a right to be, as he’s become Tina’s bitch since he has a serious crush on her. Tina, on the other hand, needs to be reminded like a child that she should treat Alex like a friend, who is someone who listens, understands, and is nice to. I admit, it was sweet seeing Tina struggle so much with the bouncy house but in the end Alex helps her out. Larry is on a different level and his power and confidence is certainly something that Tina finds attractive. His, “take it or leave it” attitude puts Tina in a short-lived dilemma, because it makes all the sense in the world for her to move in with him. But I think inside, she knows that there’s not much of a chanced they’re going to work out. And if she moves in with Larry, what does that say about her feeling for Alex?

With only one episode left of the first season, it seems like it’s going to end with Brett and Michelle either splitting up or one of them asking the other for a divorce. Isn’t it true that sometimes the only way to understand how much you need someone is to spend some time apart? Maybe it will do them some good, but the problem is that they have children. I would also like for them to explore their past a little bit more, since the present obviously isn’t working and the future looks bleak. Hopefully, they find out that in a chaotic world all you need is togetherness with someone you love.


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