The Walking Dead – “Remember”

Season Five, Episode Twelve


Grade: B+

After a few stray episodes in the beginning of this second half, we finally get into the story arc of Alexandria, the new gated community that our group of survivors have walked into. We meet Deanna, the head of the community and the one who does a lot of the talking as she interviews each and every person in the group. Starting with Rick, she’s able to break him down slowly by comforting him and telling him the things he wants to hear. She seems to have this effect on everyone, except for Daryl.

Who wouldn’t be excited about running water, shelter, electricity, etc. after being on the road and fighting for your life for years? Rick showers and shaves, Michonne brushes her teeth for a half and hour, Carol puts on new clothes, Carl plays video games with other kids his age. Everything is just too good to be true, right? So what’s the deal with them? How have they been able to survive this long?

That’s the mystery and I’m sure it’ll remain a mystery until the season finale. what “Remember” does very well is build tension slowly, and I mean really slowly. We’ve been with this group since the beginning and we’ve had plenty of high hopes and dreams crushed before. It’s natural to be skeptical about this place, waiting for something to go wrong. So far, nothing has gone wrong except for a few wild cards thrown in there. Deanna’s son Aidan is, like he said it himself, a douche bag. And then there’s Jessie’s husband who was up on the porch, smoking at night while Rick went on a little stroll. Both of these guys might be people we have to watch out for, or maybe they’re the ones who are being real and it’s the nice folk we should really be cautious about. I think I’m as paranoid as Daryl is now!

First thing is first, Deanna is dishing out jobs for everyone. Sounds fair enough because everyone has to pull their own weight (sound familiar?). And while everyone seems to be falling into an area they’re familiar with, I love how Carol seems to be playing the secret agent of the group, putting on a show that she’s weak and has been the “mother” of the group being taken care of. She even took up a job to care for the elderly, and did you see how fragile she seemed putting down her gun on the crate? You just got to love Carol!

Here’s something that was brought to my attention afterwards: where is Gabriel? Not everyone had a story-line, or even any dialogue, in this episode, but you at least saw them when they were camping out together in the same house. Except for Gabriel, or am I going crazy? Anyway, there’s an alert inside of the group that is repeated to Rick, first from Carl and next by Carol. While Alexandria seems like a nice place to live, it’s going to make them weak. Carl notices it immediately when he hangs out with the other kids. And sure, it seems generous they’re giving everyone their own house, but are they really just trying to separate them?

Daryl hasn’t changed, hell he hasn’t even showered yet. Carol is playing the spy. Glen defies Aidan and punches him in the face. And Rick and Michonne are now the town’s constable, given to by Deanna. I’m not sure how this is all going to work out, but I’m sure things will begin to go wrong very soon.


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