Girls – “Cubbies”

Season Four, Episode Four


Grade: A-

During dinner, Hannah tells her dad about not fitting in and whether or not she should leave the writing workshop and move back to New York. She doesn’t know what’s the right choice, but Tad advises her that she’ll know what the right decision is. It’s something you hear all throughout growing up when you stare down two paths. “You’ll know it when it’s right.” But the truth is that you won’t. It’s impossible to actually know if you’re making the right or wrong decision. Only after you do make a decision, then you’ll figure out if it was the right or wrong one. And so Hannah does make the decision to leave Iowa and move back to New York, where she finds her stuff moved out of the apartment and Adam seemingly living with another girl, played by Gillian Jacobs.

But let’s rewind a bit to Hannah’s “apology” to the rest of the class in the form of a defensive letter. Hannah has always had a difficult time admitting she’s wrong and just because she typed “I’m sorry” a bunch of times in the letter doesn’t mean that she’s actually sorry for anything. Maybe she’s sorry for making her classmates feel bad, but she still stands by everything she said, which makes it a very shallow apology. It’s clear the class doesn’t want her there and it all stems from the criticism that Hannah couldn’t deal with about her writing. She tends to again and again fall into the area where she doesn’t treat her peers with the respect that she desires, but she doesn’t get how they go hand-in-hand.

Meanwhile back in New York, Shoshanna continues to fail job interviews after the one she aced, but never really wanted. Out of all the girls on the show, Shoshanna has the brains to figure things out on her own. She might be the youngest and might talk like a bimbo with no smarts, but she displays plenty of intelligence beyond the years of her friends. She stomps her feet after another failed interview, but is fairly quick to realize that there are things she needs to improve on herself to become the better person that can land the jobs she wants. Even though Shoshanna is probably the character we least see throughout the series, she has the most potential of growing up and not repeating the same mistakes. Her strength is apparent when she hangs out with her ex-boyfriend Ray and admits to him that she was the reason why they broke up. Hannah could take a note out of Shoshanna’s book on what a sincere apology sounds like.

Like Hannah, Marnie doesn’t seem to learn from anything. After she sticks up for herself and tells Desi that they can’t keep fooling around with each other while Desi continues to date Clementine. Desi reassures Marnie that he’s with Clementine and everything with her is strictly professional, but after an awkward practice session Desi knocks on Marnie’s door in the middle of the night to tell her that he broke up with Clementine. It takes every ounce of energy for Marnie to contain her excitement, but the whole story isn’t clear until Marnie asks him why did this happen now. Desi tells her that he’s pretty sure Clementine’s sleeping with another guy, which is the moment you would expect Marnie to realize the true reason of their break-up. But she sticks by his side, blind to all of the daggers aiming her way. Is it hypocritical that Desi was heart-broken when he thought Clementine was sleeping with another man after what he’s been doing with Marnie? Is it unclear to Marnie that he’s only running to her after things didn’t work out with Clementine? Does any of this matter to Marnie, as long as she has Desi to herself?

So Hannah is back in New York and can dish out all of the drama to her friends about Adam. But their relationship when she moved to Iowa was really up in the air, wasn’t it? But to Hannah, the world starts and stops with her so it’s easy to believe she truly thought she could come back whenever she was done in Iowa and Adam would still be there, waiting for her. What’s next for Hannah? Who knows. All of the girls are in-between things at the moment. Shoshanna is unemployed and is losing her mind that she hasn’t landed a job yet after seven interviews. Marnie sure will be flourishing with her newly acquired love with Desi, but we all know that’s not going to last. We don’t really get any updates on Jessa, but she’s always in limbo. But the question we’re left with is, who’s this girl in Adam’s apartment and what’s their deal? I’m sure Hannah will get to the bottom of that real quick.


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