Girls – “Female Author”

Season Four, Episode Three


Grade: A-

Just as we’re getting used to Hannah away from the city and the rest of the cast, “Female Author” explodes as the episode we’ll likely look back on towards the end of the season and say, “this is when things really start to roll.” After being picked on by her fellow writers, Hannah feels like she’s not gaining enough respect based on one story she wrote that may or may not be autobiographical. But to her credit, she stands up for herself and tries to defend her writing at first, which never works for her because she’s way too sensitive about her own material. But then she goes on the offensive and brings everyone down to her level by criticizing them all for being fake and writing bullshit.

Does Hannah make good points? Sort of, but the main thing here is that she attacks her colleagues the way she’s been getting attacked. None of them actually know her or who she is and where she comes from, so what gives them the right to critique her? But at the same time, isn’t that the point of becoming a writer? You’re not going to be able to defend your work to every person that doesn’t like it, so in a way the workshop should help Hannah learn. In addition, Hannah doubts herself as a writer because she just doesn’t seem that motivated to write anymore, even though that’s the sole reason why she’s there. What’s a girl to do? It’s tough to adapt to a new environment, especially when you’re so self-centered like Hannah is. If Elijah didn’t join her in Iowa, she probably would’ve died from boredom already.

Meanwhile back in New York City, Marnie and Desi meet with some record company representatives who really like their sound, but when they mistaken Marnie and Desi for a couple, things go sour fast. To be fair, Desi has been stringing Marnie along and they always do look like a couple when they’re together, with his hand caressing her back and the smiles they share (not to mention all the sex they’ve been having). But Marnie has enough and finally gives Desi a piece of her mind that she wants more. Marnie doesn’t really have the best track record with relationships. She’s unstable enough to never maintain a serious relationship, but craves the intimacy that she can never be alone.

The thing here is that for a while we haven’t been feeling too bad for Marnie. All of her emotional wounds have mostly been self-inflicted, so the way she blindly believes Desi will dump Clementine for her is sad to watch. Desi doesn’t really help the matter much, but he stays strong with his relationship over whatever he has with Marnie. This toxic partnership will be fun to track as they’re still together making music, but it doesn’t seem like that’s going to last much longer. The icing on the cake is how Ray says one nice thing to Marnie, and she jumps all over him. When will she learn?

Finally, we have a new tandem between Adam and Jessa as they bonded through AA. These two are obviously more damaged than the rest of the cast, and their chemistry together is remarkable. I wouldn’t mind an entire episode just following these two for a few days. They both know how to bullshit their way to whatever they want and also they’re both absolutely blunt when they have to be as well. After Jessa’s public urination incident gets them both arrested, Adam snaps at Jessa telling her she’s a bad influence and just brings chaos wherever she roams. He’s right and we see a vulnerable version of Jessa pleading for his help with, “I really need you to be  my friend.”

Jessa’s always been the wild card of the group but this friendship she has with Adam can actually be good for her. But what’s going to blow up in their face is how they talk about Hannah. Adam’s not interested in the small talk Hannah spits out about Iowa and he really wants her to just live her life without him being a distraction. But we all know that if Hannah knew how close they’ve become, she’d flip out. Will something actually happen between Jessa and Adam? I’m not sold on that yet, but it might be a train-wreck in the making.


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