Galavant – “Pilot” / “Joust Friends”

Season One, Episode One / Two


Grade: B-

Welcome to ABC’s new musical series, based in medieval times with a handful of goofy, silly characters that will remind you of Monty Python and the Holy Grail and The Princess Bride. The opening number gives you the entire story you need to know before it begins. The handsome hero, Galavant, has his beautiful lover, Madalena, taken away from him by the rich and spoiled King Richard. As he travels to take her back before they marry, Madalena decides to stay with King Richard because of his wealth, breaking Galavant’s heart. It’s certainly nothing new, but it’s still a lot of fun.

And then things start to take a turn from what we expected. Galavant turns into a drunk, unable to cope with the loss of his love and has abandoned his way of being a notorious fighter and a lovable hero. Meanwhile, King Richard isn’t really the evil man we suspected. Instead, he’s a highly sensitive pushover during most situations, usually pouting and crying like a child when he doesn’t get his way. We also find out that Madalena is quite the cold bitch, demanding the priceless jewel from the land of Valencia. This becomes part of the main plot that I’ll explain soon.

I felt a mixed reaction to the first two episodes, mainly because I can certainly enjoy the goofy, fun tone of the series, but I wish there was more to be desired. Despite its “plot twists” there really isn’t anything new or exciting (so far) about the show. The songs are witty and often funny, but it’s the same old hero tale on an adventure trying to win back the trapped princess. And yes, the chemistry between Galavant and the Princess will grow to be strong, and then take a hit once she tells him (probably last minute) that she’s been lying to him all along just to save her village. The show is predictable, but it’s still good enough.

In “Joust Friends” we get a nice cameo from John Stamos, who plays a character named Sir Jean Hamm. I laughed and Stamos’ character was quite entertaining to watch as him and Galavant pathetically engage in a jousting championship match. Meanwhile, Gareth tells King Richard to “man up” and stop being bossed around by Madalena. In the end, both the King/Madalena and the Princess/Galavant share a song declaring that their partner not be as bad as they first thought. Again, it’s silly but I enjoyed it.

I expect Galavant to be a nice filler-show that can pass the time without weighing too heavily on our brains. And as I’m typing this, the first tune is still stuck in my head. That’s the kind of show Galavant is going to be. It’ll play over like that annoying song that gets stuck in your head that really has no meaning or substance at all, but somehow it exists and in a good way it remains with you. For now, I’m going to stick with Galavant because, like I said above, it’s good enough.


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