The Walking Dead – “Crossed”

Season Five, Episode Seven


Grade: B+

Finally, after almost a month of exploring the separate story-lines of our main group, we get an episode that cuts back-and-forth between all three sub-groups. You have to assume they’ll all be reunited before this season ends, but right now they have different agendas. Mainly, Daryl returns to the church to alert them of the hospital that has Carol and Beth. They plan on getting them out of there with Tyreese’s method of capturing a few of their cops and having an exchange. It’s important to note that Daryl backed up the idea when Rick initially passed on it.

Meanwhile, Team GREATM is still recovering from the shock of Eugene telling them there is no cure and that he’s been using them all along just to stay alive. I’m sure a lot of us would’ve done with Abraham did by knocking out Eugene in a fit of rage, but the group is better than that and Maggie lets Abraham know it. So while Maggie watches Abraham and waits for Eugene to gain consciousness, Glen, Rosita, and Tara bond as they search for drinking water and go fishing. It’s great how The Walking Dead can still put a smile on your face through this chaotic world. Sometimes it just takes something small, like how Tara reacts to a yo-yo, to make you appreciate everything you have.

Back at the church, Michonne watches over Carl and Baby Judith while Gabriel escapes through the floor boards and runs away. We still don’t know what Gabriel’s deal is, but he’s either running away from a threat, or running towards a place where he feels is safer than the church. I admit I cringed when Carl plopped a bunch of weapons in front of Gabriel, and especially when he grabbed the machete. The show will always explore how kindness can be a sign of weakness in their world. Once you let your guard down to someone who seems weak, or someone you think you can trust, your life is endangered.

Too bad Sasha falls for this trap as she allows the nicest of the captured, Officer Lamson, to influence her to drop her guard. He’s able to smash her head into a window and escape. Sure, it was foolish of her to allow this to happen, but at the same time she’s coping with Bob’s death and trying her best to move forward and live her life again. This involves her trust-worthy attitude and the group’s mentality to be the best people that they can be, meaning having sympathy for others. Sasha is just another victim to this and her actions will likely result in getting someone killed.

So what’s going to happen next? It’s strange how quickly the group has been trusting strangers of late. Gabriel had to earn his trust with a heart-felt story, but Noah convinced Daryl that he’s on their side almost immediately. Will Rick and the gang be able to rescue Beth and Carol. That being said, will Carol even make it out of the hospital alive in her condition? And was it just me or was the exchange between Dawn and Beth a bit strange? Dawn is supposed to have this tight grasp over everyone at the hospital, yet she gives Beth the keys to all of the medicine because she’s not weak?

In the world of The Walking Dead, it’s a survival of the fittest mentality. For everyone who have survived for this long, they must have some kind of instincts that make them tougher than the normal. For that reason alone, it’s hard for anyone to trust anyone else outside of their group. Unfortunately, our main characters are learning this the hard way. Will they invite anyone new into their group? Maybe Noah? Maybe the doctor once Rick raids the hospital? I’ll tell you one thing, I don’t believe Dawn will go down without a fight.


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