Homeland – “There’s Something Else Going On”

Season Four, Episode Nine


Grade: A-

Let’s just start immediately at the great scene of the episode, the prisoner exchange. This is simply Homeland at its finest. A suspenseful, edge-of-your-seat sequence of events that was impossible to have any idea how it was all going to end. I honestly didn’t think Saul was going to make it out alive. Because the exchange during Boardwalk Empire was still fresh in my mind, I expected something to go wrong, especially with Saul. Particularly when Carrie went to talk Saul into going through with the exchange and how she pocketed his glasses, I was almost certain that was the end of Saul. Not to mention the emotional conversation Carrie had with Mira a few minutes beforehand.

The boy with the bomb strapped to him was a thrilling detail that made my heart beat faster every second. It was like watching The Hurt Locker all over again! But in the end, Carrie was able to talk to Saul and convince him to come back home, despite his contempt for the exchange. But just as Saul was telling Mira that he’s safe and coming home, BOOM! Missiles hit the cars bringing them back to the embassy. I assume that the only car not to be directly hit by a missile was the one with Saul and Carrie in it, because I cannot imagine Homeland killing off two of its major characters out of nowhere. But this allows the big picture to come into play, which involves Haqqani and his men sneaking through the tunnels to access the embassy.

Aside from these heart-pounding moments, it was a very good episode all around. Carrie and her team presses Dennis Boyd really hard, though he doesn’t crack. Carrie certainly has a right to be pissed off at Dennis since he did drug her with 25i, which is apparently just a super-LSD drug, but Dennis plays everything really cool and denies it all. Even when the Ambassador comes into the holding cell to save her husband, you just knew she was playing him and so did Dennis. Not until the final moments of the episode does Dennis realize what the ISI really needed him for. After the missiles hit the cars, Lockhart sends ALL the marines to the site, leaving the embassy without any protection from Haqqani and his men sneaking in. Is it too late? Possibly. Maybe Quinn will just treat them as the bullies from the diner and take care of everything himself.

We have to wait two weeks until the next episode as Homeland is winding down. Will Saul be able to put himself together and possibly rejoin the CIA? Is he going to react to Mira the same way Brody did when he returned from being captive? What will Haqqani and his men do/demand once they breach the embassy? Is it just me or does Homeland have a video game feel to it lately? First with tracking the Taliban as they stormed the village looking for Saul. Now, watching Haqqani and his men sneaking into the embassy after Carrie’s attempted murder. How will the good guys get out of this one?!


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