The Walking Dead – “Four Walls and a Roof”

Season Five, Episode Three


Grade: A-

I said it before and I’ll continue to say it again, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the fifth season of The Walking Dead. Since the show has disappointed me in the past, I still remain skeptical that the quality of the season can keep up with itself, but so far so good. We’re three episodes in and every episode has been some really solid television.

What TWD is doing here is providing us with a story-line and not jumping too far away from it. The first episode is where our group of survivors manage to escape Terminus. The second episode presented us with Gabriel and the remaining people from Terminus who have captured Bob and are feasting on his left leg. But Bob gets the last laugh when he shows the group that he’s been bit by a zombie! Though we haven’t been with Bob for too long, he’s always been a good character, and in “Four Walls and a Roof,” he’s the star.

But first off, what does happen if you eat an infected human? Everyone’s already infected, so would that even matter? The Terminus crew doesn’t want anything to do with Bob, so they drop him off at the church where the rest of the gang are questioning Gabriel, blaming him for the disappearance of Bob along with Daryl and Carol. Gabriel was certainly shady during the last episode, but he gives an incredibly convincing story for why he’s been weird this whole time. He sinned when he wouldn’t open the locked church doors to people crying for help, and just allowed the undead to have their way with them. It was a really great performance from Seth Gilliam.

Moving on, the old TWD would’ve dragged out the conflict between Gareth vs. Rick, such as when The Governor’s story arc lasted over a season. But out with the old and in with the new! We get our showdown when Gareth thinks he outsmarts Rick. Rick and his goons leave the church to go hunt Gareth and the Terminus crew, leaving the church practically unarmed (Carl and Tyreese were the main defense). But just as we thought Gareth was going to get his revenge, Rick and company return and brutally kills them… and I mean brutally! What was interesting about this sequence was how Gareth tried to explain, again, how they weren’t always cannibals. I would still love to see the rise and fall of Terminus in some kind of web-series or something, because that story-line fascinates me.

Anyway, Rick saves the day and continues to be the complete bad-ass that he is while living up to the deal to give Abraham Glena and Maggie (along with Abraham’s people) to go travel to Washington D.C. Does this split of the group going to mean we’ll finally slow the pace down some? Are we going to bounce back-and-forth between the two groups, or will they dedicate whole episodes to both? Whatever the case, the ending certainly got my heart pumping when Daryl finally returns to the church grounds. But is Carol with him? All he does is call out to whoever he’s with that it’s okay to come out. Who is he with?! Is it Morgan? Is it Beth?

Like I said above, the episode belongs to Bob with a great performance by Lawrence Gilliard Jr. Everyone says their goodbyes to him and he particularly thanks Rick for bringing him into the group. But the scenes between Bob and Sasha are ones that have been some of TWD’s finest emotionally driven scenes in its whole run thus far. It’s the world of TWD and every character knows it. You can fight so hard to remain by yourself, unwilling to love in order to never feel that hurt when you lose someone. But it’s clear that the only way to keep moving on is if you have a reason to, and what better reason to than spending your life with someone you love? Unfortunately for everyone in TWD, there doesn’t seem like things will get any easier anytime soon.


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