The Walking Dead – “Strangers”

Season Five, Episode Two


Grade: B

I was surprised about the way The Walking Dead finished the Terminus story-line so quickly, but that seems to be the show’s new M.O., evident with the conclusion of “Strangers” showing the leftovers from Terminus who have kidnapped Bob from the group and are feasting on his left leg, because that’s what cannibals do. The old TWD would’ve waited a handful of episodes until revisiting these villains, but in season five, we’re getting fast-paced action and danger around every corner.

So what’s to make of this? Our group knew they were being watched and now we know by who. While I feel bad for Bob, it’s not like we shouldn’t have expected it. Him and Sasha have been getting way too close for comfort in a post-apocalyptic show, and the way we keep on seeing them showing PDI constantly should’ve been a red flag. Honestly, I thought he was bit by the zombie that popped out of the water, but this is much worse (actually I don’t know. You can debate which is worse). The only couple who has lasted has been Glen and Maggie, and even those two have taken a serious back seat early on this season. Sorry Bob, don’t you know the rules of horror? Never fall in love.

In “Strangers” we meet a new character when the group hears his screams for help. Gabriel is a man of the Bible, dresses like a priest and says he’s been living inside his church until now when he’s out of food. Rick doesn’t trust him and after following these characters for so long, he has plenty of right not to trust anyone. As we spend more time with Gabriel, it’s clear he’s hiding something and he seems to have reason to keep it a secret. But what’s more disturbing? The handwritten Bible? The creepy drawings? The threat scratched onto the side of the church? The speeding hearse? Pick your poison.

I don’t know how quickly TWD will disposs of Gabriel, but I wish they would give him at least a few more episodes because I’ve really enjoyed the religion theme during “Strangers.” It’s something that practically all of our survivors have dismissed. How could there be a God in a world overrun by zombies? But Gabriel surprisingly still has faith. He called for help, and they arrived. Is that enough proof for you?

How long until they realize Bob’s missing? And what is Gabriel really about? TWD is doing a great job at the moment by providing us with a cliffhanger without too much mystery. Come on, didn’t you all think that Bob was just tied up and they were going to have another cheesy close-death call before Bob was saved? I give TWD props for doing what they’re doing in such a whirlwind sort of way. Let’s see if they can keep going at this pace, or we’ll get a long story-arc on the road towards Washington D.C.


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