The Big Bang Theory – “The Hook-Up Reverberation”

Season Eight, Episode Four


Grade: B

The Big Bang Theory has certainly shifted away from showing the characters in their work settings, which is partly because a number of them are in career transitions. I do miss the gang being served by Penny in the Cheesecake factory and doubt we’ll get more laughs with her new position. And they flirted with the possibility of Sheldon teaching graduate students, which I still feel had great potential. In “The Hook-Up Reverberation,” we get a glimpse at the excitement the four main characters feel when they think about buying a comic book store.

Though it wasn’t going to be their own. They were going to invest to help Stuart get his comic book store back up and running, which brought up some interesting topics since everyone is currently in a relationship. Speaking of, we finally get to see Emily this season! Raj brings her over to meet the gang and she’s warm and welcoming towards everyone except for Penny. Why? Because Raj told her about their drunken hook-up from years ago. Sure, Raj wants to be completely honest with Emily, but that’s probably something you could leave out just to prevent situations like this.

But that does bring up the interesting question between these relationships: are they all completely honest with their past hook-ups? It’s doubtful that Penny and Howard will every be absolutely truthful in that field, but that’s okay (for the most part). It does get Leonard concerned, but we already know they’re a mess of a couple. Funny thing is that the worst couple of the show, Sheldon and Amy, are completely disqualified from this situation, but I guarantee Amy would kill to take part in the act. Also, I found it hilarious that Amy couldn’t fathom that no one has ever told Penny they hated her to her face.

The C-story is becoming extremely annoying: how Stuart and Howard are fighting for his mom’s love. Sure, it’s hitting Howard hard that his mom no longer nags him like she used to, but this ongoing story-line isn’t as funny as the writers think it is. In addition, I have no idea where they can go from here. So Stuart moves into the house? Unless they’re planning on writing Stuart and Howard’s mom off the show, I don’t see why they’re spending so much time here.

In the end the gang realizes they shouldn’t invest in the comic book store, which doesn’t matter because Howard’s mom already gave Stuart the money he needs. Also, it looks like Penny and Emily are going to take their dislike for each other to the next level in future episodes. I don’t hate that idea, but is this really the best that can happen between the girls? Do they always have to be fighting with one another every episode? Just thinking about this is making me want to have a dinosaur-chicken salad sandwich.


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  1. Can you tell us more about this? I’d care to find out some additional information.

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