New Girl – “Dice”

Season Four, Episode Two


Grade: B+

After a stellar premiere, New Girl continues its new-found single life once again by exploring an app called Dice, which is basically Tinder (you know, that booty call app where you respond whether or not you like what you see and wait for a match). While Schmidt has had much success hooking up with girls on Dice (which is what it’s obviously for), Jess attempts to use it to date potential future husbands. Oh cute Jessica, keep being adorable and naive.

It’s always fun when Jess and Schmidt team up for a story-line because they’re such complete opposites that they’ll always run into hilarious scenarios. It’s also necessary to split apart Jess and Nick as much as possible in the early going of this season. Even though in the show they’re four months from being a couple, it’s still pretty new to us viewers and separating them is a good idea.

What ends up happening is Schmidt giving Jess lessons on how to “date” on Dice. While Jess and Schmidt have different views on dating, Schmidt does drop some useful knowledge and exposes a weak link in Jess’ personality. She’s too damn nice and she’s naive.

“Do you just walk around all day thinking about other people’s feelings? How do you get anything done?” – Schmidt

It’s something Jess knows is happening, yet she can’t help it. When she finds herself on a number of terrible dates, she lingers like the hopeless girl in a dead end relationship because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. But Schmidt goes the distance to even writing down a number of excuses to get her out of a bad date.

Meanwhile, Winston sulks that none of the cop guys he’s training with likes him (because he doesn’t have a nickname). Also, Coach admits that he’s never been stone before, so Nick and Cece decide to walk him through it as his spirit guide to marijuana. When Winston finally gets an in with his cop buddies and gets invited to a barbeque, yup you guessed it, the stoners tag along. The reaction to the three when they realized they’re surrounded by cops is great. It’s also great because of the turn-around that knowing his friends were stoned, Winston and some other cops pull a prank on them, providing the approval Winston needed to finally receive a nickname, “Toilet.”

In the end, nothing really changes. Jess gives the handsome guy a shot but he turns out to be quite the creepy magician (Too bad we didn’t get to see the hat pulled out of the rabbit), so she’s back to square one. Schmidt opens up to the girl from Dice but gets shot down. As for the rest of the gang, well they claim they’re never going to get stoned again, which is too bad because who wouldn’t want to see them huddled up in a closet? But what’s funnier? Nick when he’s drunk or when he’s stoned?

New Girl Character Ratings:

Jess (A-): She’ll always be that adorable and innocent Jess we all love no matter how many lessons Schmidt gives her. When she sees a handsome guy with beautiful eyes, her reaction is, “Them’s joint bank account eyes.” If she doesn’t find her way to your heart, then I don’t know what will.

Schmidt (A-): Another great episode from Schmidt. Pairing him up with Jess is great because we get to see the true Schmidt. Though I do find it slightly weird that he wouldn’t be more attracted to her. Anyway, here are some highlights: “The point of dating is just… to keep on dating and then never stop, like burning fossil fuels or seeing a therapist” and “If you are for one second suggesting that I don’t know how to open a musical, how dare you!”

Nick (B): Out of the stoners, Nick was clearly the best. If his theories about science weren’t enough, kicking over the grill and running had to have been the peak. I sure want to see Nick stoned more, because after all, “If pot were a piano, Nick would be a 9-year-old Chinese girl.” It’s a bit disappointing that he’s been pushed back to a supporting role so far this season, but he’s still making the most of every scene.

Winston (B-): It’s surprising he actually received a decent story-line, but he was overshadowed by the three stoner amigos. Still, at the end of the day he got what he wished for, a nickname. Good for you, Winston.

Cece (C+): It’s clear that the writers are trying their best to involve Cece in every episode, which is a great thing. But she hasn’t had any impact on this season so far, aside from joining her friends as being single. It’ll be nice to see her as something more than just the other friend outside the loft.

Coach (D): I had high hopes (no pun intended) for Coach in this episode when he was popping his marijuana cherry, but he didn’t have any awesome stoned moments like Nick did. What’s your problem, Coach?


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