The Big Bang Theory – “The Locomotion Interruption”

Season Eight, Episode One


Grade: C+

Even though The Big Bang Theory has seen better days, I’m always willing to give shows the benefit of the doubt when entering a new season. So after we’ve meandered around with the group of friends in The Big Bang Theory for seven years, the main cast are now being paid quite handsomely so hopefully the result will be better quality. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen in the season eight premiere.

We last left when Sheldon hops on a train to get away from all of the changes that are rapidly happening in his life. Leonard and Penny are going to get married and live together, therefore presenting the very possible idea that Amy could live with Sheldon. So Sheldon embarks on a trip around the nation for a bit over a month, except that he has never left the train on the entire trip (something that Sheldon obviously thinks is the better way to travel). He finally returns home when all of his belongings are stolen, but calls Leonard instead of Amy, which becomes a real problem.

It’s clear that the relationship between Sheldon and Amy is far from a healthy one, and you would assume that two intelligent people are capable of putting aside their selfishness to understanding each other and problem solving their way to a decent relationship. But time and time again Sheldon continues to be, for a lack of a better word, as asshole towards Amy. Also, Amy continues to cling onto Sheldon after he repeatedly mistreats her. In the beginning they felt like the perfect match, but now the feeling is the exact opposite. How much further can we watch these two act horribly? While everyone else on the show is making progress in their relationships (even Raj has a girlfriend for crying out loud!), Sheldon and Amy are stuck.

Meanwhile, Penny is sporting a new haircut and it was genuinely funny to see the show poke fun at it. She has an interview for a pharmaceutical sales position that Bernadette set up for her, but she ends up bombing the interview, which isn’t all that surprising since she doesn’t know a single thing in the field. But the sitcom magic turned things around for Penny as she bonded with the interviewer (Stephen Root) over their fear of Bernadette. Funny yes, but pretty ridiculous because she does end up getting the job. I kind of wanted to see what kind of things jobless Penny would get herself into.

The C-story involved Howard’s concern with Stuart and his mom getting a bit too close. There’s a fine line between Stuart being a caretaker or a lover with Howard’s mom, and though we’re still uncertain about that, it’s an enjoyable gag the show can go to once in a while.

The Big Bang Theory are definitely past its peak, but the show is still bringing in plenty of viewers to watch these lovable nerds (plus Penny). It’s clear that the chemistry between the actors have never been stronger, but the script is lacking any material that makes The Big Bang Theory remotely close to being a “must-watch” show.


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