The Mindy Project – “We’re a Couple Now, Haters!”

Season Three, Episode One


Grade: B

In sitcoms, when you have the main characters romantically linked early on in a show’s run, that usually leads to a lot of creative problems for the writers. In most (or all) cases, the tension building up to the moment is a lot more fun than when you finally get there. New Girl was great before Jess and Nick decided to date, once Jim and Pam (The Office) dated and got married their story-line was shot, and so on. So with a show that’s geared directly towards being a romantic-comedy sitcom, what’s next? Doesn’t the movie usually end once the main characters finally get together?

Mindy and Danny are still in their honeymoon phase, which involves a lot of smiles and sex. Unfortunately, while Danny likes to keep what happens in the bedroom private, Mindy likes to blurt to everyone about how incredible their sex life is. Naturally, this results in their first (of many for the foreseeable future) fight as a couple, but things go much deeper than anticipated.

After Mindy commits to Danny that she wouldn’t talk about their sex life, she stumbles upon a pink thong in his drawer. He’s embarrassed but Mindy assures him it’s okay to keep certain things from exes. One assumption leads to another and Mindy goes from believing the thong is one of Danny’s exes, to a stripper, finally to the result that the thong is for a male stripper and most likely Danny’s! Ah, how the plot thickens.

Meanwhile, Peter and Lauren’s relationship is threatened when Jeremy and Lauren kiss after spending so much time together planning a charity event. I’m not positive about how long this love-triangle story-line will play out for, but I guess it’s a decent B-story for the time being. And then there’s Morgan, who absolutely steals the episode with his hilarious one-liners, plus his Cousin Lou (Rob McElhenney from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia). Morgan is the perfect blend of a ridiculous human being with a soft heart and compliments the other characters extremely well.

So where does The Mindy Project go from here? How rocky will Mindy and Danny’s relationship be this season? Is it going to shadow Jess and Nick’s bumpy road from New Girl’s third season? Or will it try to do something spectacular by breaking the trend and giving us some new insight to a successful sitcom couple? For now, they’re off to a pretty good start, but there is a lot to build on from here.


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