New Girl – “The Last Wedding”

Season Four, Episode One


Grade: A-

The third season of New Girl was rocky, primarily due to Nick and Jess’ roller-coaster relationship inevitably leaving them contemplating if they could recapture the friendship they once had. It was a questionable decision for the show-runners to throw Nick and Jess together so quickly and so passionately, but we have seemed to weather that storm and now, for better or worse, Nick and Jess are back to being friends in great sitcom style. And that’s a good thing because when these characters aren’t involved with anyone, that’s when they can really shine through their silly one-liners and shenanigans.

So the gang are all single, including Cece who admits to Jess that she and Buster broke up. Also, we’re four months past the season three finale, and apparently all summer the gang have been attending weddings together, because that’s plausible or something. But it does set up a great plot for this episode: Schmidt wants everyone to score at the final wedding of the summer! Or as Jess puts it, she wants everyone to sex-fist their way through the reception.

At the wedding, Jess attempts to make a move on the best man, Ted (the hilarious Reid Scott of Veep) but has direct competition with Kat, played by the lovely Jessica Biel. Meanwhile, Coach, who has been very successful throughout the summer of weddings, has fallen into a trap when a handful of women he’s slept with are at the last wedding, usually leaving him with wine all over his suit. And then there’s the Schmidt and Nick duo who are discussing the possibility of a four-way. While it’s clear that Schmidt wants the four-way more than Nick, Nick is willing to do anything for his friend to get Cece off of his mind… even if that does include being in a “fog of war.”

What works about the season four premiere is that the gang are all single again, meaning they’re open to a lot more things and don’t have the consequences for their stupid actions. This is where New Girl is as its funniest. Oh, and it’s nice to have you back again, Schmidt. After your terrible love triangle story-line of last season, it’s great to see you ogling Cece again, though the whole “Cece is a goddess” thing isn’t going to work since you two have already done it dozens of times. Anyway, the silly is restored in New Girl but most importantly, so is the heart.

The bathroom scene between Nick and Jess was a reminder to us of why we loved this show from the beginning. Their chemistry and close bond is the perfect compromise with the whacky story-lines throughout every episode, and it’s great to see them so close again. Though this all only happens through TV magic, because no one can become best friends like that again after going through a tough break-up the way they did with each other, but for the show’s sake I’ll forgive them.

So while no one ended up going home with anyone from the wedding, they didn’t return to the loft lonely because they all had each other. Cheesy yes, but it’s the New Girl formula that simply works. And I loved the symbolic gesture of decluttering the refrigerator from all the wedding invitations. Let’s hope these characters remain single for a long time because it’s proven that when they start to date and settle down, so does the show.

New Girl Character Ratings:

Here’s something I’ll be doing every week, grading each individual character based on their involvement every episode.

Jess (B): She starts off with a bang because of her “sex fist” gag, but gets run over by Kat trying to win over Ted. I love Zooey, but having her stand next to the gorgeous Jessica Biel didn’t do her any favors. But it was great to see her and Nick rekindle their friendship while sitting in the men’s room.

Nick (A): The tap shoes were a brilliant ongoing joke, and one that fits his character perfectly. And it’s great how he tried to distract Schmidt from Cece by wanting to go through with the four-some, until Schmidt touched his hoof-hands. The icing on the cake was his attempt at a playful joke towards an engaged couple, “I hope they can’t have kids!”

Schmidt (A): The return of Schmidt was a delight, giving New Girl the much needed boost of one-liners. “It makes me angry and scared all at the same time, just like when I hear the phrase ‘Academy Award winner Anna Paquin.” – “I’m soft like a lady, you won’t even know.” – plus his great physical comedy when he’s trying not to do anything weird after talking with Cece.

Cece (C+): She’s broken up with Buster so that tension between her and Schmidt is back! Just that news alone is enough to give her the MVP of the episode, but other than that she’s practically invisible, aside from being absolutely beautiful. Hmm, I think I was harsh with my grade.

Winston (B-): Winston is sore from all his police training, but he does have a hilarious scene demonstrating to Schmidt and Nick using the salt and pepper shaker. Oh, and he also said this gem, “The only thing I want in my mouth is Mr. and Mrs. I.B. Profen, minus the Mr.”

Coach (C): Every girl that Coach talks to at the wedding, he’s already hooked up with. That’s impressive and extremely unlucky at the same time. Unfortunatley, that’s his only role this episode.


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