The Leftovers – “Solace for Tired Feet”

Season One, Episode Seven


Grade: B+

Like father, like son. While it seems like Kevin Sr. is certainly crazy, isn’t that just a matter of opinion? When there is something happening that we cannot understand, we’re quick to throw the “crazy” word around it. It’s usually surrounded by cynicism and skepticism because for some, it’s impossible to imagine the possibility of miracles, signs, or to have faith in the mysterious. So is Kevin Sr. crazy? Is it crazy that the voices in his head told him that Jill was trapped? Coincidence or miracle? These are things that Kevin Jr. is currently going through, and he’s struggling to choose a side.

So Kevin Sr. escapes and Kevin Jr. spends most of the episode tracking him down. But Sr. is on a mission to show his son something. It ends up being the May 1972 issue of National Geographic. His reaction to this is the same as our reaction: wtf? What’s he supposed to do with that magazine? As far as we know, Jr. isn’t hearing voices in his head (yet), but when Sr. asks him about his sleep and his dreams, we know that Jr. is deep into those already. Which brings me to that dream that Kevin Jr. had. Dean’s outside of his house, claiming he trapped a rabid dog in the mailbox. When Kevin Jr. slowly approaches it, Tommy is walking inside of the house. On Dean’s pickup truck, instead of dead dogs there are dead GR members, including Laurie. There’s no way for Kevin Jr. to realize what the dream means, but there was plenty of intuition there, he just doesn’t know how to read it yet.

Speaking of Tommy, he’s told by Wayne to leave $3,000 cash under a certain mailbox. On Wayne’s side, he doesn’t look well and is alone with just a mattress in the empty room. During last week’s episode, Wayne hinted to Nora that he doesn’t have much time. Much time to what? Is he going to die? Will there be another disappearing act? Anyway, Tommy wait for the money to be picked up and follows the car into an apartment where there is another pregnant Asian woman! It winds up being another pair of people that Wayne has informed, just like Tommy, to keep safe and who have blindly obeyed his demands.

Through the first season, the Wayne/Tommy storyline has easily been the weakest, partly because of its vagueness and partly due to the unconvincing characters and their motivations. That being said, we finally get a little light shed into this storyline the past two episodes. We saw Wayne’s hug in action last week and this week we find out that there are more pregnant Asians with a handler. Again, this really just brings up more questions but at least it’s becoming more interesting.

In the end, it all comes back to Kevin Jr. who is going through a lot, especially with his dad chirping in his ear about following his purpose in life and to stop fighting and just accepting it. Though he rejects his dad and throws him back in the hospital, you can teel he’s beginning to make that turn. He’s flushing the medication down the toilet, agreeing with his dad that they blur his thoughts. And his reaction after seeing the National Geographic magazine on his kitchen counter (that Jill ordered) is priceless. He just might start believing in the crazy that he’s going through, but then again is he really crazy?


Last but not least:
 – The myth about the kid disappearing while in the fridge is great, and the way it’s films truly made me claustrophobic.
 – Something that I love about The Leftover is how it’s able to focus in on specific characters or stories while the rest of the world keeps moving on. Other programs would lead up to the GR protesting in the middle of the street, but not The Leftovers.
 – Things that I noticed that linked Kevin Jr. to his son Tommy: they both injured their left hand (dog bite and bullet) and they both smashed a cell phone. Also at the end of the episode Kevin and Nora have sex while Tommy walks in to Christine and her baby girl.
 – It has been a few episodes without any major GR development. I expect that to change very soon.


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  2. Thanks for helping me make sense of all of this :-)

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