Orphan Black – “By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried”

Season Two, Episode Ten


Grade: B+

With Season Two, Orphan Black has tried its best to balance the strange mythology of the series with its more successful aspect, concentrating on the personal engagements of each clone. I’m completely invested if the show concentrates on Allison and Donnie’s suburbia lifestyle, Cosima and Delphine’s steamy science love, Helena’s hard shell with a soft heart on the inside, and Sarah’s motivation to keep Kira safe. But when you throw in the Diyad, the Proletheans, Paul’s military history, Mrs. S’s secrets, Duncan as Rachel’s father, Art and Angie’s involvement, plus a transgender clone, things get muddled real quickly.

That being said, the way Season Two ends is quite a shocker, while not being that much of a shocker. We learn from Marion that Project Castor is a military project of a male line of clones. And guess who’s the clone? None other than the Prolethean Mark, who has just married Gracie. What does this mean? I’m not sure, but I’m somewhat excited and disappointed at the same time. With this, Orphan Black is opening up an entirely new chapter to what the clones mean in this world. At the same time, if this is going to take away from the brilliance of Tatiana Maslany and her multiple personalities, then I’m not on board. This is nothing against Ari Millen, but whenever a show can be as successful as Orphan Black with a leading woman, you want it to continue that way. Will Millen be the Angel to Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Buffy? We’ll have to see.

Anyway, the finale as a whole was very suspenseful, with plenty of action and great scenes. With Sarah turning herself in the beginning and having the doctors poke and prod her, it was uncomfortable to watch but serves as a commentary to how women are scrutinized daily in our society. It was obvious that the whole team would come together to save Sarah and Kira, but while it was predictable it was still very fulfilling. One great scene here was when Cosima was teaching Kira some science by asking her to punch a hole through the paper with her pencil. This cute scene was cut with Cosima and Scott creating a device that will later be used to shoot a sharpened pencil through Rachel eye! Yeah science bitch!

I think everyone’s favorite scene of the finale (and possible the entire second season) was when all the clones, plus Felix, were in the loft. First, it was a sweet and touching moment when the sisters meet Helena and then Kira runs up and hugs her. But after the commercial break, we get all the clones dancing together. What a magical and fantastic scene that was. It was just the thing we needed to break up all of the crazy that the finale packed in. Of course, soon after Helena is kidnapped and looks like she’s being shipped away because of a deal between Mrs. S and Paul.

What was great in the finale was seeing some emotionally driven scenes involving Cosima, who certainly doesn’t have much time left. When Kira tries to wake her up the next morning, my heart stopped thinking that was the last time we would see Cosima. But she does wake up, reads Kira a book, and then reads the Duncan’s notes with wide eyes in his copy of The Island of Doctor Moreau. Cosima hasn’t had much to do during the second season, but these last few episodes who why she just might be the most important clone after all.

So Project Castor is revealed, Duncan poisons himself while muttering to Rachel, “You don’t deserve me anymore,” and Rachel gets a pencil through her left eye. And even though Marion presents herself as a trustworthy person to Sarah, I still don’t trust her. I also want to know why Art isn’t a bigger part of the immediate picture. He seemed like he was going to come in handy when Sarah told him, but this season he was just a babysitter to Helena while the other clones did all the work. Oh, and Cal returned this episode and was a big help to everyone. His reward, a nice smooth on the lips from Sarah before Felix broke them two up. I did love how Cosima and Allison both approved of Cal’s hotness to Sarah. Anyway, the world of Orphan Black is in disarray. Will Marion be able to bring order in Sarah’s life so she can stop running? It’s doubtful. And how is Project Castor going to be played out next season? One can only imagine until next season.


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