Orphan Black – “Knowledge of Causes, And Secret Motion of Things”

Season Two, Episode Seven


Grade: A-

From the conclusion of the last episode, we discover that Dr. Leekie is indeed a wicked man who will do anything and burn any bridges to get what he wants. While Rachel has been quite a mystery throughout, we know she works at Dyad and has a power struggle with Dr. Leekie. Who works for whom? Maybe Dr. Leekie isn’t in charge after all, but he sure feels like he’s brainwashed Rachel enough to have her on his side. That is until Mrs. S and Sarah reach out to inform Rachel that her father is still alive and that Dr. Leekie killed her mother.

There is no Helena, but instead Cosima throws Delphine out of the lab after finding out the stems cells for her treatment are from Kira. “I’m the science!” It’s been a tough season for Cosima, spending all of her time in the lab instead of being the clone behind the curtain for Sarah’s shenanigans. But Delphine has lied to and crossed Cosima again. Her feelings still seem genuine, and she knew how Cosima would react, but it’s still something that Cosima should have the last say for. This leads up to the phone conversation with Sarah and how it pained her to ask for more stem cells from Kira. Just as Kira couldn’t get any more cute, she yanks a loose tooth out of her mouth using the string and door method while Cal and Sarah were arguing. What a team player!

The other half of the episode was great fun with Alison, Felix and Victor. Alison finds out that Vic has been talking with Deangelis, which is more reason for why Alison doesn’t trust anyone. Sarah comes in and after a brief apology from Vic, he passes out from a drugged drink by Felix (this was hilarious by the way!). On top of all this, Sarah has to act like Alison during Family Day and role-play with Donnie in front of everyone! Ah, the good ol’ days when the clones pretended to be the other clones.

In the end, Rachel chooses nurture over science and discards of Dr. Leekie with Marion’s approval (a new character apparently with much more power than Dr. Leekie). She lets Dr. Leekie walk away, but then Donnie confronts him, blaming Dr. Leekie for tearing his family apart. He then ACCIDENTALLY kills Dr. Leekie, which is probably for the best. Not sure what Donnie is going to do now, but I hope this isn’t the last of Alison and Donnie.

We keep diving deeper into the Dyad and how the science and scientists will only treat the clones as property, instead of people. It’s a good enough reason for the clones to keep on running, but how far can they do so? Cosima’s fate is at the hands of the science, but she’s working for the enemy who unfortunately is the only way for her (and the rest of the clones?) to be cured. Meanwhile, the Proletheans are still at large with the very dangerous Helena. Oh, and I still don’t fully trust Cal, though I really really want to.

Only three more episodes left in the second season!


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