New Girl – “Cruise”

Season Three, Episode Twenty-Three


Grade: B

You could say that the third season finale is an end of an era for New Girl, or at least a temporary one because we still understand this is a sitcom, which means Jess and Nick WILL get together before the show is done. But since the last few episodes have dealt directly with the break-up between Nick and Jess, it’s only fitting that the finale seemingly puts that to rest. How does this happen? The whole gang goes on a cruise.

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but with the recent disasters that cruise ships have had, I could understand Coach’s fear more than everyone else’s enthusiasm. But this is a great setup for Nick and Jess to face their break-up without a chance to run away from each other, though they did attempt to do just that. After a number of romantic activities with each other, they get a little bit too close for comfort when Nick dives in for a kiss. At that point, they decide to spend the rest of the cruise separate.

In all honesty, that sounded like a good idea. Who wants to be trapped on a cruise ship with their ex? But their friends didn’t have any of it and forced them to address the awkwardness just so they could finally get past it, which is also a pretty good idea if it works. Meanwhile, Schmidt planned to give Cece a class ring for finally graduating high school and hoped this would re-spark her feelings for him. While this was obviously a bad idea, we’re used to bad ideas with this group of friends. So after Winston knocks the ring into the ocean and Cece confesses that she doesn’t want to mess things up with her boyfriend, Schmidt takes the high road, puts on a smile and wishes her happiness. Oh Schmidt! You’re already the crowd favorite, no need to rub it in!

In the end, the group of friends find themselves locked in a room for days until they’re rescued by guest star Oscar Nunez. It’s ridiculous and silly, but it fits for everything that New Girl does. And all that matters is that Nick and Jess are good again, and that’s one thing they do achieve. Plus, with Nick living with Schmidt now, this can open a world of hilarious possibilities, though it leaves much to be desired across the hall from Jess, Winston and Coach. Overall, there were plenty of ups-and-downs in season three, but New Girl is still a delightful comedy to follow.


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