Game of Thrones – “First Of His Name”

Season Four, Episode Five


Grade: A-

We’ve reached the halfway point of season four and have been faced with plenty of important events, most notably the death of King Joffrey a few episodes ago. While Tywin, Cersei and others try their best to keep order at King’s Landing, as the word spreads the threat becomes more and more dire. So Tommen is now the new king, but we all know he’s just a puppet to what the council will be telling him to do. He’ll do them proud though, because he’s not a lunatic like Joffrey was.

Interesting enough, this episode pushed the women to the center of attention. In a show like Game of Thrones where women are treated very poorly (and that’s an understatement), “Fire Of His Name” concentrates on the women who are in power, or at least are living better than the majority of females in this world. Starting with Cersei, she contemplates about her daughter, whom she hasn’t seen in quite a while. And even though Oberyn Martell attempts to assure her that she’s safe with “We don’t hurt little girls in Dorne,” she drops this crushing line, “Everywhere in the world they hurt little girls.”

In the GoT world where there are still slaves and it’s very common to have servants and whores around every corner of the wealthy houses, there isn’t much hope for the women. If you want to become of power, you must marry into it. Cersei has already done this and is expected to do so again, and Margaery is expected to marry Tommen to tie together the Lannisters and the Tyrells. But while this seems to be the most effective way for a woman to be respected, it’s not the only way.

Both Brienne and Arya find themselves on the road and not bound to slavery or prostitution. They’re free and live with purpose to carry out the duties they seek. Even though Arya is driven by hate and revenge, like the Hound says it’s as good a reason as any to keep going on. I must admit I’m very pleased that the show is exploring Brienne and Podrick on the road because I knew they would be a fun odd-couple. I loved the grin on Podrick’s face when Brienne finally asks him to help her take off her armor.

This brings us to Daenerys, who has risen to power as the mother of dragons and the one who is freeing the slaves. Apparently she now has a fleet of ships and when news hit her ears that Joffrey was killed, you could see the her face light up. “I will do what queens do. I will rule.” I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I wouldn’t mind Daenerys, the Unsullied, and her dragons marching to King’s Landing and wiping everyone out.

Even though there are important female players all over, some are still struggling to survive. Poor Sansa, always being pushed around and shipped all over when she hasn’t seen any family for what feels like forever. Now she’s under the spell of Littlefinger and Lysa. I don’t know how anyone can fully trust Lysa, because I definitely don’t. The scene when she accuses Sansa of being with Littlefinger was horrifying. Will Sansa be able to escape their grasp? Is this just going to be another temporary home?

Finally, we get action at Craster’s Keep where the Night’s Watch eliminate the men there. Locke tries to capture Bran, but instead Bran uses Hodor as a deadly weapon to kill Locke. And just as Bran watched his brother Jon Snow just feet away from him, he leaves trusting the visions that he should continue to head North to find the three-eyed crow. It was a moment where I almost yelled for Bran to scream for Jon. It would’ve been a great reunion, but at the same time I’m completely invested at what is North for Bran.


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