Game of Thrones – “Breaker of Chains”

Season Four, Episode Three


Grade: B+

What makes a good king? Everyone knows that Joffrey was a terrible king, but there was no training or persuading him to do anything else than what he wanted to do. So Tywin begins his teachings to Tommen early as Cersei is still grieving the death of Joffrey, telling him that above being just and strong, a king must have wisdom. This wisdom will come from the council until the king can make up his own, wise decisions, but even then he should still always converse with the council. Tywin always has a way of turning people into his puppets.

But then it happens. You know the “it” that I’m talking about. Jaime rapes Cersei, making their already strange and twisted relationship even worse. It’s sort of symbolic to the state of the Lannisters at the time: chaotic, maddening, and vengeful by whatever means. For Cersei to feel that Tyrion is the one who poisoned Joffrey, the royal family is being turned from the inside out. Tywin is the one person who sees this and takes action quickly.

Meanwhile, the Hound and Arya rob a man of his silver even though he was really nice to them, which sets Arya off. This has always been a theme for GoT, separating the weak from the strong and the smart from the dumb. The Hound claims that the man is weak and won’t survive the winter, therefore what good is silver to a dead man. Makes sense. The Hound is moral but ruthless when he has to be, and that’s how he has survived. He warns Arya not to be weak and afraid to take what is yours. The Starks all have good hearts and sometimes that gets in the way of what is best for them, which has certainly gotten them in trouble before. Arya has a lot to learn from the Hound if she wants to live a long life.

What else happened? Sansa is now with Littlefinger; Sam escorts Gilly out of Castle Black; the Wildlings keeps marching towards the Wall; and Tyrion says farewell to Prodrick for his own protection. The way Sam and Tyrion tries to protect the people they care about is very touching, even more so because this doesn’t happen often in the world of Game of Thrones. But Sam doesn’t feel right leaving Gilly with 100 men and Tyrion knows Podrick is as good as dead if Tyrion is found guilty. Both of these scenes are great, emotional points in “Breaker of Chains.”

This leaves us with Daenerys at the walls of Meereen, attempting to free the slaves that are bound there to strengthen her army. It was a great conclusion, seeing the faces of the Meereen slaves as they pick up the shackles that once bounded the slaves who now stand behind Daenerys. Needless to say, Daenerys is about to get a bit stronger. This was a very good post-death episode that keeps on moving the pieces around. I didn’t even mention Stannis, who is eager to strike King’s Landing again, but has no army. Right now, it seems the impending danger lies at the Wall. I hope Jon Snow and Sam make it out alive.


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