Fantasy Box Office 2014

Last year, my friends and I started a tradition of competing in a Fantasy Box Office challenge, where we drafted off summer movies and see whose team will gross the most money domestically. It was a lot of fun and therefore we decided to do it again this year. For the record, I won last year so I’m hoping to defend my title! Anyway, we just had our draft and I figure that I would post the results. Here they are:

Randomly picking the order of the draft: Chris, Rob, Mike, Dan.


1. Transformers: Age of Extinction (Chris)
2. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Rob)
3. Godzilla (Mike)
4. X-Men: Days of Future Past (Dan)


5. How to Train Your Dragon 2 (Dan)
6. 22 Jump Street (Mike)7. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (Rob)
8. Hercules (Chris)


9. Guardians of the Galaxy (Chris)
10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Rob)
11. Jersey Boys (Mike)
12. Maleficent (Dan)


13. Tammy (Dan)
14. Planes: Fire and Rescue (Mike)
15. Edge of Tomorrow (Rob)
16. Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return (Chris)


17. Jupiter Ascending (Chris)
18. A Million Ways to Die in the West (Rob)
19. The Expendables 3 (Mike)
20. Neighbors (Dan)


21. The Fault in our Stars (Dan)
22. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (Mike)
23. Sex Tape (Rob)
24. Lucy (Chris)


25. Think Like a Man Too (Chris)
26. The Giver (Rob)
27. Blended (Mike)
28. Jane Got a Gun (Dan)


29. The Hundred-Foot Journey (Dan)
30. Million Dollar Arm (Mike)
31. The Purge: Anarchy (Rob)
32. Step Up All In (Chris)


33. Deliver Us From Evil (Chris)
34. Into the Storm (Rob)
35. If I Stay (Mike)
36. And So It Goes (Dan)


37. Get On Up (Dan)
38. Lets Be Cops (Mike)
39. Mom’s Night Out (Rob)
40. Earth to Echo (Chris)


41. When the Game Stands Tall (Chris)
42. The Loft (Rob)
43. As Above So Below (Mike)
44. The Fluffy Movie (Dan)

I’m pretty happy with my selections, though there is plenty of uncertain films on my roster. Chris taking Transformers with his #1 pick is probably the safest bet, since those movies all gross more than $300 million. My pick for #2 was The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which I wasn’t entirely sure about but my thinking is that you can never go wrong with the first film to open up the summer season in May. I’m expecting it to gross over $300 million. Mike’s first pick was Godzilla, a questionable pick because there’s no guarantees. There hasn’t been a Godzilla film in 14 years, and the last time it was successful at the box office was in 1998 starring Matthew Broderick. But even that film only grossed $136 million. Mike is expecting a much bigger response this time around for the gigantic lizard, but will it deliver? Dan’s first two picks are as solid as any film this summer: X-Men and How to Train Your Dragon. X-Men First Class grossed $146 million, so you can expect that number to go up with the star-studded sequel. And How to Train Your Dragon was a surprise hit, grossing over $200 million in 2010.

For me, my top six picks were: Spider-Man, Planet of the Apes, TMNT, Edge of Tomorrow, and A Million Ways to Die in the West. I’m hoping these six films will gross my roster close to $1 billion domestically, and I don’t think that’s impossible. Spider-Man should shoot north of $300 million, then if Planet of the Apes makes $200 m, TMNT with $150 m, Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow with $100 m, and Seth MacFarlane’s Western comedy with $150… that’s approximately $900 million. Last year I won the competition with $1.3 billion, so if these films pull through I should be safe for at least second place.

What it comes down to is the handful of surprises throughout the summer. Last summer, We’re the Millers grossed $123 million and The Conjuring grossed $135 million. No one could’ve expected this much from an August comedy and a horror movie, respectively. I’m hoping to get the same results from The Giver (an adaptation of the beloved novel) and Into the Storm (a disaster film that could have success like 2012’s Chronicle). We’ll see what happens and I’ll keep updating throughout the summer.


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