Orphan Black – “Entangled Bank”

Season One, Episode Eight


Grade: A-

This episode ended with a jaw-dropping occurrence, which strangely hasn’t been a constant for these season one episodes. Orphan Black doesn’t usually end with such a cliffhanger that will have you screaming. Usually, they show a subtle reveal or an addition character gets in the loop with what’s actually happening. But in “Entangled Bank,” the purest thing in Sarah’s life gets hit by a car. Poor, innocent Kira. After she’s persuaded out of the house by Helena, she crosses the street to return to her mom but gets struck by a car in the middle of the street. It’s a troubling scene to witness.

In this episode we move forward, jumping from Sarah, Alison, Cosima, and even Helena. Sarah and Paul have each other’s trust while Felix fends off the police detectives, but they’re finally onto what they can only assume are Beth’s twin sisters. Alison is still paranoid as hell and sleeps with Ainsley’s husband, then fights her in the middle of the street. But Sarah finally tells Mrs. S about everything that’s happening, with Alison with her. It’s a lot to take in but Mrs. S takes the news very well. My suspicions about her have all faded away.

Meanwhile, Dr. Leekie tells Delphine to speed up her process and to get him names of the other clones Cosima has been in contact with. After sleeping with her, Delphine is shocked to discover Cosima is in contact with several other clones. There are two important things about this discovery: First, Dr. Leekie seemed very intrigued/surprised to hear Sarah Manning’s name and second, Delphine leaves out Kira’s name. Why? It really cannot be determined yet.

Despite what her handler is saying to her, Helena isn’t willing to kill Sarah just yet. She still believes that Sarah is someone special, but her creepy fascination towards her and her daughter is definitely alarming. I assume we’ll get a quick answer whether or not Kira is alive and that will certainly change the game entirely. We know Dr. Leekie is up to something, but what exactly? He doesn’t seem to know who’s killing the clones while using Delphine to monitor Cosima. In addition, who the hell is Alison’s monitor? And how long will it take until Art pays Felix another visit?


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