Game of Thrones – “The Lion and the Rose”

Season Four, Episode Two


Grade: B+

The war is never over. Apparently, Game of Thrones hates weddings. It seemed obvious something was going to happen after Lady Olenna gave her sympathies to Sansa saying how awful it is to have death at a wedding. It does seem like she’s the one who poisoned King Joffrey’s goblet, though Tyrion is the perfect scapegoat. But after tormenting his uncle, I can’t imagine any viewer without a huge grin on their face while watching Joffrey take his last breath. Finally, karma has come back to the Lannisters.

This obviously had to happen sooner than later, but now things get a lot more interesting. Tyrion is in immediate danger as the suspect of Joffrey’s death. As for the land living in peace after conquering many battles, what’s there to say when the most powerful family in the world gets torn up from the inside? Tywin knows things are about to get chaotic, and I’m sure Cerseia and Jaime knows it too.

But how great was the final ten minutes or so between Joffrey and Tyrion? The banter back and forth was full of tension, then naturally Joffrey takes their dispute to another level of douchebaggery. For the last time we watched as many viewers’ favorite character was being humiliated by everyone’s most hated character. So now what?

The rest of the episode shows Bran still traveling with his group, Stannis and Melisandre still burning people at the stake for the Lord of Light (will his daughter be next?), Theon completely broken by Ramsay Snow, She being shipped away from King’s Landing, and Bronn training Jaime how to fight with his left hand. It’s funny how such a big event happened at only the second episode this season. While it didn’t come close to the impact of The Red Wedding, it’s still a major development for the season. If there’s one thing to take from this episode, is that do not get married in Westeros.


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