The Ultimate ’90s Kids Movies Bracket (Part Four)


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We have now entered the Elite 8! Let’s check out how the brackets look:

bracket-R4-1                       bracket-R4-3

bracket-R4-2                         bracket-R4-4

Onto the match-ups!

#10 The Santa Clause vs. #2 Toy Story 2

the-santa-clause         toy-story-2

Mike: Oh boy! The Santa Clause goes down in flames! (Silence) In my opinion I guess.
Chris: I’m voting for The Santa Clause.
Dan: Wait, what?!
Chris: You guys are building up Toy Story 2 too much!
Rob: What are you talking about?!
Chris: I mean, for a sequel it is really good.
Dan: The Santa Clause is a borderline terrific film.
Chris: Borderline?!
Rob: Toy Story 2 is actually a terrific film.

Winner: Toy Story 2

#6 Beauty and the Beast vs. #3 The Lion King

beauty-and-the-beast          lion-king-poster

Mike: Oh man! This might be the match-up of the bracket!
Dan: It’s hard because I haven’t seen either movie in forever.
Dan: Emotionally, I think that The Lion King resonated more, so I’m going to go with that.
Rob: Do you think that’s because The Lion King came out after Beauty and the Beast?
Chris: I think that does play a role.
Rob: Beauty and the Beast has a chick main character…
Dan: That’s true, but they also had those funny supporting characters.
Rob: And I think Gaston is one of the most hilarious Disney bad guys.
Mike: And his minion was great too!
Chris: Critically, Beauty and the Beast was nominated for Best Picture.
Rob: Yeah, it was the only animated film to be nominated before they expanded the number of nominees.
Chris: I’m going to go with The Lion King.
Mike: I have to go with Beauty and the Beast.

Winner: The Lion King

#5 Jurassic Park vs. #4 Aladdin

jurassic-park-poster         aladdin-poster

Chris: For me it’s Aladdin.
Dan: I have to go with Aladdin as well.
Mike: Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie. I would’ve picked it over Beauty and the Beast.
Dan: That is one movie I’ve probably watched a hundred times.
Mike: But Jurassic Park is one of my favorite movies of all-time, so I’m picking that.
Rob: As a kid I watched Aladdin more, but obviously now I’d put on Jurassic Park.
Dan: Jurassic Park is so influential.
Mike: Growing up, Jurassic Park was my favorite movie. I was blown away by the epic-ness of the film.

Winner: Aladdin

#40 Rookie of the Year vs. #1 Toy Story

rookie-of-the-year         toy-story-poster

Rob: I’m surprised Rookie of the Year was still around.
Mike: Don’t be so surprised!
Dan: I still vote The Mask over Rookie of the Year.

Winner: Toy Story

That concludes the Elite 8. Check back soon for the results of the Final Four and then the Championship to determine what is the best kids film of the 1990s!


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    The Ultimate ’90s Kids Movies Bracket (Part Four) | The Entertainment Blur

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