Orphan Black – “Variation Under Nature”

Season One, Episode Three


Grade: B+

I’ve decided to pick up this highly acclaimed television series from BBC before the season two premiere this Saturday, and boy am I happy I did! In short, Orphan Black is about a troubled woman named Sarah Manning who steals the identity of a woman she witnesses killing herself at a train station, to steal her money from the bank as a flawed but passionate plan to take back her child and restart their life. But there’s just one thing, the woman who killed herself looked like an exact copy of Sarah.

One thing leads to another and we learn alongside with Sarah that her situation is much more complicated than we could’ve imagined. Yes, it didn’t help her cause that she decided to fake her own death and steal the identity of Beth, a detective with a handsome boyfriend and a strict partner. But we also learn in the beginning of this third episode that Sarah, Beth, Alison, the Russian and Cosima are all clones, and that there is someone hunting them down, which towards the end we discover it’s another clone. It takes Sarah some convincing, but she finally decides that stealing Kira from Mrs. S is an awful idea and that she’s definitely better off with her than she is with herself, especially with all this clone killing going on. I’m sure Alison also had a part in her decision as she was terrified for the safety of her family while she’s being hunted.

Orphan Black has made quite an impression on me. As someone with no idea what I was getting into, aside from hearing great things about the show, I admit that this show is right up my alley. The sci-fi aspect is super appealing, and then add on the broken family drama with the police procedural, and then the fish-out-of-water comedy… Orphan Black is a home run! And there aren’t enough things to say about how great Tatiana Maslany is in this show. She’s able to play the handful of clones all by herself and I never felt confused about who was playing who, which is super impressive because of how often Sarah is playing Beth. I cannot see anyone else in her role, or at least anyone playing it better.

It’s also beneficial that the series is slowly rolling out how complex the conflict is for Sarah and the rest of the clones. Specifically, Sarah has a lot on her plate, but there is still the bigger picture of these clones being hunted down that Sarah has finally bought into and is willing to try and help. But from the looks of things, they’re in for a hell of a time with the curly blonde with scars all over her back. She’s someone I wouldn’t want to mess with.

So three episodes in and I’m hooked! I’ll try to post a recap/review whenever I can as I briskly burn through season one. Oh, one more thing, even though I found Felix annoying during the first episode, he’s a great source of comic relief and I genuinely believe the attachment both Felix and Sarah have for each other.

Last but not least:

  • Do I trust Mrs. S? Not entirely.
  • Do I trust Paul? Definitely not.
  • When is Art going to suspect that his partner isn’t who she is? Never? Sarah is doing a damn good job at being a detective, even if she doesn’t know how to use the radio.

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