The Ultimate ’90s Kids Movies Bracket (Part Three)



Complete coverage of the FIRST ROUND here.

Complete coverage of the ROUND OF 32 here.

The second round is done! Let’s see where we stand at the moment. It’s the Sweet Sixteen baby!

bracket-R3-1                                  bracket-R3-3

bracket-R3-2                                  bracket-R3-4

Onto the match-ups!

#52 The Little Giants vs. #4 Aladdin

little-giants-poster       aladdin-poster

Rob: That’s tough for the Giants.
Chris: You got to go with Aladdin.
Dan: Me too, though if Aladdin came out right now, I don’t know if I would like it.
Chris: It holds up. The songs are good and Robin Williams as the genie was great.
Mike: Did they just let Robin Williams improv his lines?
Chris: It seems like it.

Winner: Aladdin

#5 Beauty and the Beast vs. #22 Cool Runnings

beauty-and-the-beast       cool-runnings-poster

Mike: Sorry Cool Runnings!
Chris: Cool Runnings had a good run.
Dan: It got to the second week at least.

Winner: Beauty and the Beast

#3 The Lion King vs. #51 The Mighty Ducks

lion-king-poster       mighty-ducks-poster

Mike: I think The Lion King is funnier.
Chris: The Lion King is a better movie in general, but as a kid I personally enjoyed The Mighty Ducks more. I watched it all the time.
Dan: That’s the same thing for me with The Sandlot.
Chris: I’m going with The Mighty Ducks.
Mike: I’m picking The Lion King. I was a huge Timon and Pumba fan!
Rob: You have to see The Lion King 1 ½ then.

Winner: The Lion King

#2 Toy Story 2 vs. #15 Home Alone

toy-story-2       home-alone-poster

Mike: This is a very tough match-up.
Dan: I’m going with Toy Story 2, since it’s funnier and more heart-warming.
Chris: Home Alone is one of my favorite movies.
Rob: I do love Home Alone, but I only watch it during the holidays. Toy Story 2 I could watch all year round.
Dan: Toy Story 2 I actually bought on Blu Ray when it came out. It’s kind of the Rushmore of the ‘90s.
Mike: I do like Home Alone 2 better than Home Alone, so I’m going with Toy Story.

Winner: Toy Story 2

#40 Rookie of the Year vs. #9 The Mask

rookie-of-the-year       the-mask-poster

Mike: It’s hard to compare these two movies.
Dan: It’s hard for me to explain why I love The Mask so much, but I’m voting for The Mask.
Chris: This is weird because Rookie of the Year is like the low-level kids baseball movies, and The Mask is like the low-level of Jim Carey movies. But I think I like Rookie of the Year better.
Rob: I like Rookie of the Year a lot.
Mike: I’m going with Rookie of the Year too.
Dan: This is a travesty!

Winner: Rookie of the Year

#12 Mulan vs. #5 Jurassic Park

mulan-poster       jurassic-park-poster

Mike: Jurassic Park moves on. Let’s go.
Rob: It’s tough to argue with that.
(Mike sings the Jurassic Park theme song)

Winner: Jurassic Park

#10 The Santa Clause vs. #7 A Bug’s Life

the-santa-clause       a-bugs-life

Rob: I feel like A Bug’s Life has just been holding on until now.
Dan: It’s solid, but it’s not beating The Santa Clause.

Winner: The Santa Clause

#16 The Addams Family vs. #1 Toy Story

addams-family       toy-story-poster

Dan: Sweep it!

Winner: Toy Story


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