The Ultimate ’90s Kids Movies Bracket (Part Two)


For those who haven’t read the original post for The Ultimate ’90s Kids Movies Bracket, check it out here.

The first round is in the books, now it’s time for the Round of 32! Here are the updated brackets for movies that remain in the tournament:

bracket-R2-1                                        bracket-R2-3

bracket-R2-2                                        bracket-R2-4

Now it’s time for the match-ups! Here we go!

#36 The Brady Bunch Movie vs. #7 Aladdin

the-brady-bunch-poster      aladdin-poster

Dan: Aladdin’s one of my Rushmore Kids Movies.
Mike: You might say it’s “one jump ahead.” (Silence) That’s not the lyric is it?
Chris: That was close.
Rob: I mean I got it, but I didn’t laugh.

Winner: Aladdin

#19 Jumanji vs. #51 The Mighty Ducks

jumanji-poster      mighty-ducks-poster

Mike: I’m going to go with The Mighty Ducks
Rob: Me too.
Dan: Sweep it.

Winner: The Mighty Ducks

#54 Air Bud vs. #22 Cool Runnings

air-bud-poster      cool-runnings-poster

Rob: I think this is a really weak match-up.
Chris: But it’s close though!
Dan: I’m going Cool Runnings, because it’s at least funny.

Winner: Cool Runnings

#8 Hercules vs. #40 Rookie of the Year

hercules-movie-poster      rookie-of-the-year

Mike: These match-ups haven’t been as exciting as last round’s.
Rob: To me, it’s Rookie of the Year. It’s not even worth discussing it.

Winner: Rookie of the Year

#5 Jurassic Park vs. #37 Small Soldiers

jurassic-park-poster      small-soldiers-poster

Mike: Small Soldiers is very enjoyable, but Jurassic Park is such a classic.

Winner: Jurassic Park

#18 The Nutty Professor vs. #15 Home Alone

nutty-professor      home-alone-poster

Chris: Not even close.
Dan: That’s a 40-point win for Home Alone.

Winner: Home Alone

#12 Mulan vs. #44 The Little Rascals

mulan-poster      little-rascals-poster

Dan: I’m going with Mulan because I’m not a big Little Rascals fan.
Mike: There’s just so many funny things in The Little Rascals.
Chris: Yeah, it’s very quotable.
Rob: I’m going with Mulan so that’s a tie, which movie is the higher seed?!

Winner: Mulan

#7 A Bug’s Life vs. #26 Hook

a-bugs-life      hook-poster

Mike: A Bug’s Life was very enjoyable, but I’m picking Hook.
Dan’s I’m picking A Bug’s Life.
Chris: Me too. I don’t like Hook.
Rob: I’m going with Hook. Another tie!

Winner: A Bug’s Life

#3 The Lion King vs. #30 Home Alone 2

lion-king-poster      home-alone-2

Rob: How could you not pick The Lion King on this one?
Dan: I actually like Home Alone 2 better than the first one.
Rob: Really? So you prefer the pigeon-lady over the shovel-man?
Chris: I never made that connection before!
Dan: The crooks are a lot funnier in the second movie.

Winner: The Lion King

#2 Toy Story 2 vs. #31 Space Jam

toy-story-2      space-jam-poster

Dan: This region, I tell you!
Dan: I’m going with Toy Story 2 because it’s almost perfect.
Mike: This is tough! I’m going with Toy Story 2 because I find it funnier overall.
Chris: Space Jam doesn’t have the adult humor like Toy Story has.

Winner: Toy Story 2

#33 The Sandlot vs. #1 Toy Story

the-sandlot      toy-story-poster

Chris: To me, it’s a lot closer than it should be.
Chris: Toy Story is the only movie I’ve ever watched, rewound, and then watched again. It was on a Christmas night.
Rob: That’s tough to match up against!
Mike: I think I’m giving this one to The Sandlot, because it’s a lot more quotable.
Chris: So?!
Dan: I liked The Sandlot more as a kid.

Winner: Toy Story

#42 Angels in the Outfield vs. #10 The Santa Clause

angels-in-the-outfield      the-santa-clause

Dan: I think this is The Santa Clause pretty easily.
Mike: I’m going to disagree with you! Angels in the Outfield is a hilarious movie!
Rob: I love Angels in the Outfield!
Dan: My favorite part of Angels is the announcer. He was such an asshole.

Winner: The Santa Clause

#6 Beauty and the Beast vs. #38 Bean

beauty-and-the-beast      bean-poster

Rob: They’re so different, it’s hard to compare.
Chris: Personally, I’m going with Bean. I don’t know if you could actually pick it, but for me it’s Bean.

Winner: Beauty and the Beast

#20 The Parent Trap vs. #52 The Little Giants

parent-trap-poster       little-giants-poster

Dan: This is pretty easy.

Winner: The Little Giants

#48 Jingle All the Way vs. #16 The Addams Family

jingle-all-the-way      addams-family

Mike: I’m a big fan of the Addams Family.
Rob: Over Jingle All the Way?!
Mike: Yeah.
Rob: Why?!
Dan: You talk about Jingle All the Way like it’s a great movie.
Chris: It is a great movie!
Rob: What are you trying to say, Dan?!
Mike: The characters were really well created and it had a dry, dark humor that I appreciate.
Dan: I’m going with The Addams Family.
Rob: What?! Why?! Do you even like The Addams Family?
Dan: I think so.

Winner: The Addams Family

#9 The Mask vs. #24 Casper

the-mask-poster       casper-poster

Dan: I love The Mask.
Mike: The Mask is such a good movie.

Winner: The Mask


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