How I Met Your Mother – “The End of the Aisle”

Season Nine, Episode Twenty Two


Grade: A-

As HIMYM is winding down it’s still bringing up old gags and episodes into the current story-line, something that I’ve always enjoyed. So even though it was a bit of a stretch for Robin to mention the locket, I accepted it. Ted comes in to calm down the freaking out to-be-bride and all she wants is a sign that she’s doing the right thing and that Barney is the right man. If only he gave me the locket. And then Ted’s eyes widen as he does the right thing, hands the locket over to Barney and tells him to give it to her.

A handful of episodes ago Ted and Robin shared a moment on the beach and that’s when Ted finally allowed himself to let Robin go. If it wasn’t for that moment, Ted might have given the locket to her himself and ran off with her to Chicago like Robin proposed. But he’s too good of a person and friend to ever go through with that. While his intentions were good, Robin knew that Ted was the one who found the locket for her. Isn’t that the kind of person she wants to marry? The person who would met her in the park in the rain and helped her search for the locket without even asking? The person who traveled across the country for her locket and had to confront two of his exes. The person who jumped into a river to retrieve it? Robin doesn’t want to marry someone who’s entire life is based on lies. It’s hard to argue with that.

But Ted understands that there’s more to Robin and Barney’s relationship. Love isn’t logical and no matter how much it makes sense that Ted and Robin get together, love is something you feel with your heart. Of course that doesn’t convince Robin as she runs out of the room, locking Ted inside, and sprints for the door when she runs into the Mother. She’s the last of the gang to meet the Mother and hers might be the most important one of all. She tells Robin to close her eyes and take three deep breaths. And when she does, Barney is standing in front of her.

Which brings me to the B-story where Barney had trouble writing up his vows for the wedding. Lily and Marshall steps in to help him but then Barney shreds their vows apart, pointing out how long it took them to break their vows. This set up two points at the ending: First, that Marshall and Lily declared new vows to each other that are a lot more relevant to their current situation, such as Marshall not disturbing Lily while she’s dropping a deuce. It was typical Marshmallow and Lily Pad cuteness.

Second, it made Barney realize that there is no vow as important as telling Robin that he will always tell the truth. That’s all Robin needed to hear and the happy couple finally got married. Oh, and yes there was a ring bear! While this episode wasn’t all that funny, it packed a huge emotional punch for the viewers. Now that the story-lines have seemed to wrap up for everyone except for Ted, can we look forward to an hour of how Ted finally meets the Mother? Will they answer if the Mother dies? I’m confident that the loose ends will be tied by the end of next week because HIMYM has done a great job up to this point at doing just that. It’s sad to think there’s only one episode left, but all good things must come to an end.


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