The Walking Dead – “Us”

Season Four, Episode Fifteen


Grade: B-

The second part of the fourth season has been scattered, literally. We’ve watched the group separately throughout the handful of episodes as they bond with their traveling partners and try to reconnect with family and friends. I didn’t quite mind most of the story-telling here because I’ve always been a fan when The Walking Dead showcased stand-alone episodes concentrating on a few characters. Unfortunately, using this as the structure for the second half made me realize how many characters on the show I dislike. Spending an hour every week with characters I don’t care about isn’t fun.

So I welcomed “Us” with open arms as they showed practically everyone as they continue to Terminus. And when Glenn and Maggie finally reunite, heck it did put a smile on my face. There were a lot of small things within this episode that I greatly enjoyed. Glenn was still being an ass with a one-track mind, but at least he understood where the others were coming from. He gives Eugene his riot gear and the group follows him until they reach the dark tunnel of doom, which Glenn obviously decides to walk through. Tara, still feeling guilty for following the Governor into battle, supports Glenn’s every move, until it almost gets them both killed. But it was Eugene’s stubbornness to not abandon Glenn and Tara that saved the day reunited the happy couple.

Meanwhile, Joe takes Daryl under his wing and explains to him the rules of their group. You don’t lie and whatever you want, you have to claim. There’s no arguing and you don’t have to be friendly. All you have to do is obey the rules. Daryl’s reluctant at first but comes around at the end of the episode (after they killed the bow-man who took half of his rabbit). The interesting aspect here is how once again, Daryl’s allegiance to the group is being tested. First it was with his brother Merle and now it’s with Joe and the gang. Joe and the band of brothers want Rick dead for killing one of theirs in the house several episodes back. Daryl doesn’t know it yet, but poor Daryl will have to make a choice soon enough. At this point, I don’t know why Daryl doesn’t quit this drama and kill Rick himself, but that’s just me.

With one episode remaining, can we assume that everyone will wind up at Terminus? I think that’s a safe bet, though maybe Daryl and Joe won’t reach the safe haven yet. There is a lot of mystery surrounding Terminus and I wouldn’t be surprised if none of it is answered until next season. It’s definitely too good to be true, but I can’t quite pin-point how it’s going to go bad. There are no chains on the doors keeping walkers out, so that’s weird right? And they just let anyone in? Something is off, but being greeted by a friendly woman who is grilling food… it might as well be a damn mirage!

One episode left. That’s what I’ll keep telling myself because I’m quite happy this season is coming to an end. The Walking Dead hasn’t truly wowed me in a very long time, and I doubt it will ever do that again. It’s a good attempt at making a very good show, but for me it’s just “pretty good” at best. The characters are still not drawn out enough, and half of the time their actions just don’t make sense. For instance, why the hell isn’t Maggie more concerned for finding her sister? Why is Eugene so openly telling people he knows what caused the outbreak, but so unwilling to actually explain his theory? And was that scene with Michonne and Carl necessary? No, it was not.


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  2. CMrok93 says:

    It was a good episode, although I still remain weary of what’s to come next in this season finale, and whether or not we’re going to get a chance to see everything tie-up at all. Good review.

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