TV Blur (3/16-3/21/14)

Sometimes, I just don’t have time to write up complete recaps and reviews for the TV shows I watch, so here’s a quick wrap-up.

Girls – “I Saw You” (S03E11)


Grade: B

Everyone is on a roller-coaster ride of emotions here. Hannah tries to understand and live with Adam’s decision to spend less time with her to pursue his acting career. She has a hard time accepting it but reluctantly understands, but when she takes out her frustration at her job she gets fired. Things seem to be crumbling underneath Hannah’s feet at the moment. It’ll be interesting if her downward spiral conflicts with her relationship with Adam.

Meanwhile, Marnie’s enjoying her new job at the gallery, but is surprised when Jessa snags a job with Beedee, someone who Marnie looks up to in the art world. Strike one. Then she performs at an open mic with Desi and it’s a great success, until Desi’s girlfriend ruins her mood, forcing Marnie back to Ray. But when Hannah catches Marnie with Ray, she flips out. Why exactly? Because she has to be the center of attention with everything, and when she isn’t she’ll find a way to somehow throw herself in the middle of someone else’s business. I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s the Hannah thing to do.

How I Met Your Mother – “Gary Blauman” (S09E21)


Grade: B+

This week’s episode really jumps around a lot, starting with the first date that Ted and the Mother go on. They walk to an Scottish-Mexican fusion restaurant, but because there’s a live band playing they decide to pass and search for another place to eat. On the walk, Ted tells the Mother a story about Gary Blauman. Played by Taran Killam, the friends all have a different opinion on Blauman, ranging from pure hatred to thinking he’s the kindest man on Earth.

Something that HIMYM does very well is that it’s able to tell stories, and “Gary Blauman” is no different. Told through flashbacks and flash-forwards, everyone tells their experience with Blauman while Ted and the Mother walk around the city on their first date. While not all of the stories really hit the right note, some do especially Ted and Blauman’s stand-off to win the girl over Teddy Roosevelt knowledge, and Blauman eating not one, but four fries from Barney’s basket, including an accidental curly!

But the best part of the episode was the ending. A lot of loose ends were tied with secondary characters from HIMYM’s past, including Robin’s ex Kevin, Ted’s exes Jeanette, Zoe, and Blah Blah (Carol), and even Ranjit, Sandy Rivers and more. It was a nice way to wrap-up a handful of characters from the show’s past and to provide closure. But this all set up how Present Day Ted is telling his kids that no matter how important someone was to you when growing up, it’s easy to forget those same people once you grow older and start a family. It’s sort of a depressing statement, but it’s a true one nonetheless.

The Americans – “A Little Night Music” (S02E04)


Grade: B+

Things go awry for Elizabeth and Philip when they attempt to forcefully pick up Anton Baklanov, a defector who is very important. But after they toss him in the trunk of their car, a male and a female attack them. When it seems that Elizabeth and Philip have things under control, the female attacker drives away with Baklanov still in the trunk. It’s time to sound the alert.

Will the car with the kidnapped Baklanov show up on Stan’s radar? Speaking of, Stan opens up to Philip about his affair, which is a pretty big development. Stan’s conflicted, but more importantly trusts Philip enough to spill his secret. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out in the near future. As for the Rezidentura, Oleg is using his family’s power to move his way up the ranks for security clearance. I love how Oleg presents a reckless danger inside the Rezidentura.

It was good to see Granny back and she wants to find Emmet’s killer as much as Elizabeth and Philip do. But at the moment, they have to sort out their issue with their stolen car and Baklanov.

Community – “Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” (S05E10)


Grade: B+

This was one hell of a fun episode, as a lot of Season 5 episodes have been. Playing as a sequel to the classic episode “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” it’s always fun to have the entire gang playing a game in one place. The point of this happening is for Hickey to bond with his son, Hank (played by David Cross). Once again Abed is the dungeon master and their objective is to kill the Necromancer. But instead of working together, this becomes a competition of who can kill the Necromancer first.

While there was a lot of mean spirit between Hickey and Hank, at the end (if you can really call it that) they end up sharing the experience of playing the game together as the start to a father-son bond. To me, the funniest moments were between Jeff and the Dean, when the characters were mixed up and their characters were the father and son pairing. With these episodes, I sure do miss Troy being in the mix, but Community has done a great job replacing the characters who have left.


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