The Walking Dead – “The Grove”

Season Four, Episode Fourteen


Grade: B-

Well, I can’t say that I didn’t see that coming. One aspect about The Walking Dead is that it keeps on trying to push the envelope to make its deaths more shocking and emotional. With a show where you expect major characters to die due to its grim situation and the track record that plenty of major characters have been killed before, you build up an immunity to everything that this show can throw at you. The Governor chopped off the head of beloved Hershel? So what? Andrea was strapped to a chair with a walker, and Michonne was too late to save her? Whatever. They even tried to convince us that baby Judith died during the battle at the prison. They wouldn’t kill off a baby! Would they?!

Not yet. Judith was spared, but the increasingly disturbed Lizzie managed to knife her sister Mika to death, just to show Carol and Tyreese that all walkers aren’t bad. Sure, they’re children and they’re cute, so that adds to the wtf factor, but the idea was tipped off from the very beginning of the episode. The incredibly adorable Mika, mixed with Lizzie who is convinced that walkers are still feeling, is a formula for absolute disaster. Like I said, you know it’s coming, you just hope it doesn’t happen… but why else have this episode?

The main thing here is, does it work? For one, this episode showed how great Melissa McBride and Chad L. Coleman are. They might be the two best actors on the show and if you doubt that, just re-watch the pivotal scene towards the ending. They’re able to sell the entire thing, which is good. But the children actors here are, well, not so good. I guess in a show like The Walking Dead, I shouldn’t expect much from the cast, especially the children, but they were just too two-dimensional to really be invested in. Sure, Mika was cute and Lizzie was crazy, but that was it. Was I about to break down when I saw Mika lying in the grass, the way Carol did? Not even close.

The scene of the episode was when Carol admits to Tyreese that she was the one who killed Karen and David. It was a very carefully addressed scene, only capable with two actors giving it their all. Tyreese controls his rage and tells Carol he forgives her, but won’t forget what she did. This is after Carol was already preparing herself to die as she slid her gun across the table. She was willing to pay for her sins, but Tyreese knew that she already has win the deaths of the two girls.

Is this the best episode of the post-hiatus batch so far? No, it’s not. It’s the most memorable, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best. I’m just curious as to what Terminus has in store.


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