Girls – “Role-Play”

Season Three, Episode Ten


Grade: B+

So the question of whether or not Hannah and Adam will remain a couple by the end of this season has taken a series blow to those who want them to stay together. During the final scene (which was fantastic by the way) they have a fight that results in Adam telling Hannah he’s going to be staying with Ray for the near future to concentrate and put all his energy towards the play. This is crushing because Hannah was trying to light a spark back in their relationship by dressing up and acting like the wife of a hedge fund manager who’s out of town, which is apparently one of Adam’s fantasies. But Adam’s not all that interested, maybe because the act got him punched by a stranger.

He does admit that all his sexual conquests were to distract himself from his drinking problem. Adam also states that he doesn’t need that anymore because he’s in love with Hannah. Not all that surprising, she’s not overly smitten by this, maybe because of what they discussed during the last episode. Or maybe it’s because Hannah understands that she’s no longer the number one priority in Adam’s life. He was always borderline creepy-stalking Hannah since we met him, but now we’re seeing a new and different side to Adam. Someone who has real passion for something other than working out and sex. But when Adam puts down Hannah’s career when she tries to compare them, you see how far apart they actually are.

It was a great scene and if the entire episode was of their night at the bar to Marnie’s apartment, I would’ve been satisfied. These two have battled through obstacles before, but this one is the harshest of them all. Is Hannah able to step back and allow Adam to pursue his play without anymore drama? Does she love and trust him enough to do so? Is this going to catapult Hannah back into her girlfriends’ lives, something that has been lacking terribly this season (aside from the amazing Beach House episode).

That reminds me, I get how Hannah is the main character of the show, but her friends have become something less than supporting characters of late. Marnie actually has a pretty good side-story going on with her fling with Ray and now working for her friend, plus still trying her hand at singing. But she simply doesn’t get enough screen-time to fully flesh out these plot points. Instead, we get a few minutes every episode that either drags out something that could’ve been less than a half an episode, or we see points in her life that feel like a lot of time has passed in-between.

As for the roomies, Shoshanna splits up Jasper and Jessa by inviting them to dinner with Jasper’s daughter. The scene didn’t really work for me, but any time Girls allows Shoshanna to do anything, it’s for the best. Jessa has also been completely under-used, and she’s probably the most conflicted character on the show. A split between Hannah and Adam will certainly mean more time with the girls, but I don’t want Adam being excluded since he’s become a excellent character on the show. Though, I wouldn’t mind a few episodes with Adam and Ray hanging out like in “Boys.” Actually, that sounds great. Make it happen!


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