The Walking Dead – “Alone”

Season Four, Episode Thirteen

Grade: B+

It looks like we’ll end up at Terminus before the season ends, or at least I hope so. After Beth and Daryl’s isolated episode last week, we continue with the duo and follow them into a funeral home. While last week’s episode suffered from a non-existent plot, the bond created between the two was able to carry this week’s story-line. As Beth learns to be more independent because of Daryl’s training, she’s able to inject a dose of innocence into him, something that is rare in their situation. They feed off each other very well and for two characters that had little-to-no interaction before the battle at the prison, they’ve sure displayed plenty of chemistry.

So when the funeral home gets invaded by walkers, causing Beth and Daryl to split up and flee, your heart starts racing! And when Beth gets snatched up by a speeding car, you feel like you’re right next to Daryl as he slumps to the ground, failing to keep Beth safe. If there’s anything the show has been bringing up constantly (other than the importance of hope), it’s how dangerous it is to be alone. Daryl is plenty-capable to fend for himself, yet he sulks in the dirt when Beth is taken away. He lost the one person left in this world he trusted and knew was alive. It was a tough episode for Daryl.

The other half of the episode dealt with Bob, Maggie, and Sasha. After the trio takes care of a handful of walkers through a thick fog, they see signs for the sanctuary following the railroad tracks. Maggie wants to pursue it because she knows Glenn will follow the signs hoping to find her. Sasha thinks it’s wiser to find a building to settle in to keep off the roads, especially at night. Bob just wants to keep the band together. Oh the drama!

Maggie leaves the group during the night, unsure if she can or should ask the two to risk their lives in search for Glenn. While Sasha is content to letting her go, Bob quickly goes on after Maggie because as we saw from a flashback in the opening scene, Bob has spent too much time traveling the zombie-infested world on his own. Strength in numbers, Bob! But when Sasha lays eyes on a building she thinks would be good to stay inside, even a kiss from Bob couldn’t convince her to keep on the trail. Coincidentally, Maggie is right outside of the building. I must say that watching Maggie and Sasha kick some zombie-ass was great.

In the end, we don’t know where Beth went but Daryl seems to have joined up with the motorcycle-less motorcycle gang (who were at the house where Rick was before?). Maggie, Bob, and Sasha are back together as a group and are walking towards Terminus, when we see Glen reading the sign for the first time. There’s hope the group will soon be united, but at what cost. What can we expect this Terminus sanctuary to be like?


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