The Walking Dead – “Claimed”

Season Four, Episode Eleven


Grade: B

With The Walking Dead, things have gotten pretty stale the past season or so. After the Governor’s story-line ran its course (which took forever), the writers did what was necessary and practically blew everything up. Everything that we got familiar and comfortable with is no longer intact. Sisters, lovers, friends… the whole group is now in a chaotic storm trying to survive for themselves out in the open with the walkers. And once again we’re asked the question: why keep on surviving in a world like this?

For the first time since Rick alarmed the group that everyone is infected, there seems to be a glimmer of hope. The small group that ran into Glen and Tara consists of Sgt. Abraham Ford, Eugene Porter, and Rosita. Their mission is to get Porter to Washington D.C. because he knows how the zombie outbreak happened and believes he can fix it. Ford is totally sold on this and convinces Tara, along with an unconscious Glen, to tag along. Rosita, well I’m not quite sure yet what her purpose is aside from providing the show with much a much needed beautiful and scantily dressed character.

But let’s just take a step back for one moment and process what Ford and Porter are claiming. I don’t know if Porter has told Ford about his discovery, but when Glen asks it’s “classified.” Ford is very convincing and surprisingly he isn’t a total jerk about it. Sure, if I’m in that situation, I’m going to do whatever it takes to get Porter to D.C. because what do I have to lose? Even if there’s a very small percentage that Porter can do something about it, if the entire future of mankind is at stake I’m going to be on board with making the difference.

Unfortunately, Glen isn’t on board because the only concern on his mind is finding Maggie. Sure, it makes sense, but it’s been a while (days?) since the battle at the prison (plus 3 hours of driving), so Ford’s just being realistic that finding Maggie is like finding a needle in a haystack. Also, Tara confirmed that everyone on the bus was dead. But Glen is determined damnit, even if that determination gets him killed! Is anyone else tired of Glen? I know a lot of people want to slap Carl, but Glen gets on my nerves the most.

Speaking of, Carl and Michonne go out to fetch some more supplies and food while Rick rests. Sounds like a good idea, until a bunch of strangers walk into the house, forcing Rick to hide under the bedroom bed. While it was sort of fun watching Rick tip-toe around the house until he inevitably runs away, it really served no purpose other than to provide some suspense in a very talky episode, and to put then on the path of the railroad tracks. The heart of the episode was with Michonne who opens up to Carl about her past life. She’s really become the strongest character of the group, something I definitely didn’t see happening.

So aside from Rick, Michonne, and Carl back on the road, the new group plus Glen and Tara are back on the road as well after Porter accidentally shoots up the Jeep, puncturing the gas tank. I don’t know if it’s just because they’re new characters, but I’m liking their direction so far. It’s something fresh and new that the show was desperate for. How long until Glen finds Maggie? Or how long until someone reaches this sanctuary? By the way, Porter says he’s smarter than Ford, but those smarts led him to shooting the shit out of their vehicle. Way to go jackass.


2 Responses to The Walking Dead – “Claimed”

  1. CMrok93 says:

    Good review. This was definitely a better episode than the last, and it was mainly due to the whole home-invasion subplot going on with Rick. It was small, confined, tense and relatively claustrophobic, not something I’ve felt from a scene of this show in quite some time.

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