The Walking Dead – “After”

Season Four, Episode Nine


Grade: B

We are halfway through the fourth season when the hiatus finally ended. The last episode was insanely chaotic, but necessary as story-lines go. The prison fulfilled its purpose but there was a lack of urgency and danger as the gang was protected by its fences and walls. The Walking Dead is at its finest when the characters are on the road, always sleeping with one eye open. Danger can present itself in many shapes and forms, and that’s what The Walking Dead is about.

The last scene before the break had all the characters scrambling away from the prison after the battle with the Governor. So the Governor is definitely dead. So is Hershel. And from this episode we know that Rick, Carl, and Michonne are alive. Rick and Carl’s A-story is pretty straight-forward, like it’s been for quite some time now between them. Rick still treats Carl like a little boy and always wants to protect him as a father should, while Carl continues to rebel and tries to prove he’s brave and fearless.

Meanwhile, Michonne goes back to her lonesome ways with two pet zombies with their jaws ripped out and their arms cut off. Her dream sequence was arguably the most disturbing scene of the entire episode, as it slowly shows a possible memory fading into what is now a reality. The truth is that as cold as Michonne has been since we met her, the warmth of being able to interact with other people is most important of all. She breaks down about Mike, but in the end, is able to track down Rick and Carl, who desperately need someone else to ease their tension.

So where does the show go from here? Next week, we’ll see more characters clinging onto life and searching for others from the group. How long will this story-line take to unfold? Yes, it’s necessary and this will provide us with time dedicated to individual characters, a tactic I do enjoy, but how long is too long? As I mentioned in the beginning, we’re 4 1/2 seasons into The Walking Dead, and I can’t foresee anything new or unique in story-telling past this mark. Hopefully I’m wrong, but right now we’re just walking in circles.


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