Girls – “Dead Inside”

Season Three, Episode Four


Grade: A-

What I enjoy about Girls so much is how the show isn’t afraid to portray women as regular human beings. Too often on every type of medium are girls seen as the stay at home wife, the bitchy girlfriend, the slut, the bimbo, the nerdy and shy girl next door, etc. In Girls, you’re not just one or the other, you’re all of them mixed into one chaotic bag. And this is why I really loved “Dead Inside,” because on top of all that, this episode deals with how some people deal (or don’t deal with) death.

While I don’t share any of the feelings that Hannah does when she finds out that her editor dies, it’s certainly an interesting topic to spend a whole episode around. We all know that Hannah is only a few notches away from being a horrible person, but her lack of feelings for David’s death is alarming. Even her disturbed boyfriend and day-time boss jerk are more sympathetic to David’s passing than she is. What does that tell you about Hannah? Is she really just shocked like she says? Maybe. But when she finally starts to express some sentiment about David’s passing, she goes on and tells the fake story of Margaret.

Keeping up with the topic, Jessa agrees to call up her once best friend’s mom so she could visit her grave site. She never got to say goodbye to Susan and always wishes she could’ve, but during the conversation Jessa gets some surprising news. Susan isn’t dead. How about that? Jessa has been easily the most interesting character this season and this is just one more story-line to add to Jessa’s chaotic world. When Jessa arrives as Susan’s house, she sees how great Susan’s doing. She has a child and is happily married. We find out Susan faked her death because she needed to break free from Jessa’s bad influence from when they were drug addicts. Just the fact that Susan knew Jessa wouldn’t attend her wedding is proof enough to Jessa’s viral personality.

I find Jessa so fascinating as a character in Girls. While everyone is messed up one way or another, Jessa’s the most obviously messed up of the group. She’s rash, stubborn, and has no clue how to face her problems in a healthy way. Her attitude is in the gutter and she hurts everyone that gets close to her. Her troubles run deep in her past and she’s been abandoned by loved ones time and time again, but it’s tragic how she’s distanced herself from feeling any sort of sympathy and instead keeps welcoming the recklessness she’s become accustomed to. I can’t imagine being around Hannah is helpful to her, but she is the best friend she has at the moment so that has to count for something.

“Dead Inside” brings up an uncomfortable topic of how you should feel when someone dies. How close do you have to be with that person to mourn? Hannah is obviously self-involved, but should she really feel saddened by David’s death? Are Adam and Ray really saddened by David’s death? I doubt it, but they at least pretend to be a lot better than Hannah. Isn’t that the point though? It’s courtesy instead of being able to express yourself as you feel, but then again, it doesn’t hurt being polite.

Last but not least:

  • I’m pretty sure I hate Caroline and I don’t really understand her presence on the show. But to be fair, I hated Jessa in season one and look how far she’s come.
  • Marnie and Shoshanna took a backseat to this episode, meaning there was a lot more crazy and a lot less funny.
  • Although, Marnie storming out of Ray’s is progressing her story-line in a good direction. Looks like she’ll be heading back to serving rich people.
  • I was really hoping that the story Caroline made up was actually true, and that when Hannah told Adam the story he was going to flip out. That would’ve been fun.

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