How I Met Your Mother – “Unpause”

Season Nine, Episode Fifteen


Grade: B

Answers. Everyone wants answers. This wouldn’t seem that important to a sitcom, but HIMYM isn’t your typical sitcom. With all the pranks and tricks that Barney pulls, we’re baffled by his mysterious life and how he gets away with the things he does. In “Unpause” we finally get some answers.

I know it’s not the titled plot, but it’s the one that was the most entertaining so I’m leading off with it. All of the friends know Barney’s drunk phases and at the time the drunkest they’ve seen him was Jabba the Hutt drunk, when he mumbles and mutters things in an incoherent manner. But Barney reaches a whole new level of drunkenness… truth-serum drunk. Barney cannot tell a lie during this state causing Ted and Robin to drool at the opportunity. What did we find out? Barney has spent a “crap-ton” on suits, he only kissed Ted’s mom, there is a ring bearer (that still might be a bear), and that Barney’s job is to sign documents for GNB without question and possibly taking the fall if the feds ever caught onto what they’re doing (which Barney turns around to gain revenge on the man who stole his girlfriend during Barney’s hippie stage).

But the most important truth that Barney told was how he’s completely happy to be marrying Robin. It’s a nice moment and this is the final nail in the coffin for Ted’s hope to win over Robin, and also the final nail to any doubt Robin had about marrying Barney. At this point, how much hope did Ted really have? I guess for Ted, just having one percent chance is good enough for him, but this isn’t easy for him.

Meanwhile, Lily and Marshall have been putting off the big fight they both know they’re going to have. Once they finally have the fight, it’s actually very brief. One fight in sitcom history that I always go back to is the one between Ross and Rachel when they were “on a break.” To me, that episode sets the bar for all sitcom arguments. But HIMYM took a different approach by remaining silly in its tactics of ways to put off the fight until finally, it happens. They both make their cases for wanting to pursue their passions in life while taking jabs at each other. I don’t know if I’m just siding with the guys, but I’m definitely behind Marshall here. He has the opportunity to be a judge, to remain at their home to raise Marvin and to stay close to their family and friends, to start a life with a positive future. Lily wants to pursue her dreams, but the moving to Italy part really throws a wrench in everything. And she admits it’s only going to be temporary, then why commit to such a huge decision at all.

Still, when Marshall points out that Lily already selfishly tried to pursue her dream in art by splitting from their engagement and moving to California, that was it. In my opinion, there’s nothing Lily can say to matching what she did there and it seems like she knows it as well. And what does she do? She runs away, like the Lily of the past when things get too dicey.

I can’t conclude this without mentioning that we see some of the mother this episode. Even if it’s just in flash-forwards, we still get to see a pregnant mother at the Farhampton Inn with Ted as she goes into labor with Luke. So that’s one good thing that happened to Ted after 2 a.m.


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