The Walking Dead – “Too Far Gone”

Season Four, Episode Eight


Grade: C+

Let’s take a moment to recover from the madness that “Too Far Gone” was. For a mid-season finale, it was good on some levels. It closed out some annoying plots and left us with a nice cliffhanger of sorts. It was also bad on some levels, just like how the third season concluded, many things simply didn’t make sense.

So the Governor took Michonne and Hershel hostage and convinced his group of survivors that they should take the prison. It’s not a bad idea, since the prison with its gates and walls is surely safer than being in the forest out in the open. The last two episodes allowed us to peak into the Governor’s mind and give reason to his cruel actions. He wants to keep his new family safe. He wants to keep Megan safe. He’ll do anything to ensure that, which includes taking out Martinez and Peter so he can rise to the top as leader of the pack. Now this is the final push. If he can take this prison, he’ll most definitely achieve his family safety.

It’ll also mark his revenge that he desperately seeks, even though he tells Michonne and Hershel that it’s not personal (like anyone believed that). In a fantastic shot, we have the Governor and his people just feet outside the gates, strategically in a line with cars, trucks, and a tank, with everyone pointing guns at Rick and his gang. The Governor stands on the tank, towering over his people and clear for everyone at the prison to see. Hershel and Michonne are on their knees and the Governor demands Rick to come forward so they can have a chat. This is extremely exciting stuff for The Walking Dead, but doesn’t this all feel like something that should’ve happened at the end of last season?

Anyway, the Governor gives Rick an ultimatum. They are to abandon the prison in an hour and then no one gets hurt. But Rick suggests they put the past behind them and live together in the prison, separate cell blocks at first. His speech was touching and he voiced the one thing that could possibly unite these two groups: hope. What were we supposed to think of the offer? Could we possibly see the Governor and Rick living in the same prison? They would be plotting each other’s death every single day until one of them wiped out the other. There was no way this could work and it seems that the Governor was the one who knew it.

Just like that, the battle began. The Governor sliced Hershel and the bullets started flying. But let’s just take a step back to evaluate this decision. Why didn’t Rick take the Governor’s offer? Didn’t he already know how much of a psycho the Governor was? And he has two of his people hostage! So saying anything but what the Governor wants to hear is going to jeopardize their lives directly! In addition to that, he has Carl and little Asskicker to look after, along with everyone else in the prison who are just getting over the virus. Rick’s greatly outnumbered and out-powered. Seriously though, what the hell was Rick thinking?

On the opposite side, what the hell was the Governor thinking? For his plan to work, he would have been bluffing the whole time because there no way he wanted to destroy the very place he wanted to live in! So Rick calls his bluff and then what? He knows Rick’s proposal is bullshit, but he also knows that a battle would ruin the prison for everyone. I guess the Governor just had enough talk because slicing Hershel’s neck was the beginning to the end.

So a lot of people die, notably Hershel, the Governor, Megan and maybe or maybe not little Asskicker, along with plenty of people we don’t care about. What we’re left with is the prison in ruins, the fences caved in, and zombies already littering the site. The group is completely split up and running for the woods. I doubt that we’ll follow Tara and Lily once The Walking Dead returns in February, and I’m fine with that. Gone is the protection of the fences and the prison. Now we’re back on the road and there is finally that sense of urgency once again. It’s a glum world that they live in, but being back on the road is probably the best thing for the show.

Last but not least:

  • Daryl knows about Carol, but Tyreese still doesn’t.
  • While the episode was full of action and gore, once you let the dust settle and actually think about what happened, everything’s pretty stupid don’t you think?
  • Poor Megan.
  • So long Governor. You were a psycho from the beginning and still were until you were stabbed in the chest and shot in the head. You should’ve been a season-long villain, not a season-and-a-half.
  • No more zombies until February.

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